Accepting the Challenge

On September 1, 2009, I signed up for a 24-week challenge to change my life physically & mentally. Upon completion, I was required to write a 500 word essay on what took place throughout the 24-weeks. This challenge forever changed my life & I thought I would share my essay with anyone that may be interested in my journey. I am open to receiving any thoughts, comments & feedback, so be sure to share. Here goes…

For me, signing up for the 2010 IsaBody Challenge really meant signing up for the IsaLife Challenge. The only goal I set for myself was to find balance in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My husband, Darrell, and I plan on starting our family this year and I want to nourish my body before child bearing and to positively influence the life of family. Basically, I decided it was time for me to grow up and take responsibility for my life. I signed up for taking 100% responsibility for my life.

I began by raising my consciousness over the choices I made. I noticed what I was putting into my body and how I felt throughout each day. I found that the cleaner I ate, the better I felt mentally and physically. I’ve always maintained a relatively high level of health and lack of noticeable symptoms compared to so many around me, so carrying a bit of extra weight was easily excusable because countless others deal with health challenges and carry much more weight. I’ve learned that the voice within that judges other people is merely my own voice of self-judgment reflected outwardly. I realize now that judgment is judgment. I signed up for living life with my blinders off.

I found keeping a food journal helped to keep me focused and on track. The more balance I created around my eating and the more accountability I put in place around restructuring my non-serving habits into success habits, the easier it was for me to choose the serving habit. As my eating and exercise came into balance, the more I realized how out of balance my life had been for so long. I felt inspired to apply this principle to other aspects of my life. I signed up for accountability.

The more I applied these principles, the more I uncovered about myself. The more I committed, the more I discovered. All along my journey, the physical and emotional pounds I had carried for so long—I did not even realize they were even there—kept melting away. As I cleansed and nourished my body, I cleansed and nourished my mind, spirit and life. For this, I have already won this challenge. My peace of mind is the greatest gift I could ever receive.

My heart’s desire in winning this challenge is the opportunity I will have to reach countless people in order to assist and inspire them to find their own personal peace. Leaving a legacy of authenticity in my family is an incredible bonus. I’ve learned that Isagenix is truly a lifestyle with a product attached. The more I align myself with Isagenix, the more balanced my life becomes. As the layers are shed, I discover my true self at deeper levels. I signed up for living my authentic life.

For all of this, I am infinitely grateful. Thank you for this challenge and its many gifts beyond the grand prizes. We are all winners, simply by participating.

One thought on “Accepting the Challenge

  1. “I signed up for living my authentic life.”

    Crissy, that quote from your post says it all. You have become a shining example of authenticity, and I admire and adore you for all that you are doing not only for yourself, but for so many others.

    Wonderful post…keep ’em coming!

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