Whatchya Talkin’ Bout, Kiki?

I am a woman on a mission. Actually, we are all on missions. Only not all of us have realized this or are willing to take responsibility for theirs yet. There’s a saying we’ve probably all heard countless times: “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.” Well, I have recently lived into a much deeper understanding & respect for this adage. About a year ago, I made a decision to figure out why a certain aspect of my life seemed out of balance. Upon setting out to “find my balance,” I opened a Pandora’s box full of hidden stories, beliefs, habits, ideas & assumptions that I’ve been unconsciously living my life by for decades. As I peeled back the layers, I began to see the world in a whole new perspective (quite literally-blog to follow on that one, I’m sure!). Now, I’m on a never-ending journey for truth & making new discoveries every time I turn around.

Throughout my personal growth, I have found that by articulating my thoughts, feelings & actions, I am able to better understand them, uncover non-serving habits & thought patterns, and replace them with positive, more serving beliefs. Recounting my discoveries with others along my journey allows me to develop more insight, a bigger overall view & a more peaceful perspective. I always feel that every time I contribute to others in gaining a more peaceful perspective it also assists me in instilling these peaceful perspectives in my own life. I am constantly learning from everything around me & I’ve made this world my personal playground (as I feel God truly intended-more to follow on that thought, as well!) always looking for clues and lessons that I may adapt & put to use in my own life to create more peace, flow & balance.

My intention for this blog is to contribute to the discovery of peace & re-instilling hope in the lives of others. As I continue my journey, I will be sharing, contemplating, learning, growing & contributing through this blog. If any of this sounds interesting, intriguing, thought provoking, or relatable, I encourage you to follow along, picking up what you like & leaving behind what you don’t, because it’s simply there for someone else. I am open to feedback, suggestions, shares & take-aways. I welcome questions, discussions & other perspectives. Every bit of it assists me in my journey & allows me to assist others on their’s. I thank you in advance to your support & participation, and I genuinely look forward to see where this will lead us! Thanks for playing along J

Infinite love, gratitude, blessings & peace,


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