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My name’s Crissy and I’m a Holistic Healer & Mentor for Empaths, Healers, Therapists, and other big feelers that want to make a powerful positive impact on the lives of others.

I help you create your personal healing practice so you can identify and bring to balance the areas that keep you distracted from taking consistent action and making the impact you desire to make in the world.

Holistic Restoration helps you simplify overwhelm by bringing balance to the Top 3 Distractions in your life:

  • Your physical and emotional well-being
  • Your relationships
  • Your ability to attract consistent income

Finding your balance allows you to align and attract in a powerful and authentic way.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs like you relax into your own authentic expression of entrepreneurship, allowing your business to become a fuller expression of who you are in the world, and finally get the results you desire!

Today’s conscious entrepreneurs are looking for a new paradigm, a new way of doing business that connects more directly with your authentic self. This new paradigm looks beyond the old concepts of “doing in order to get,” making everything perfect, or conforming to generic business practices that don’t align with you or your values. This new way of doing business allows you to fully express who you are, powerfully and positively impacting the lives of others as a result.

The simple truth is, you are enough right now. Instead of you conforming to your business, your business needs to be crafted to be in alignment with your values and worth(iness).

The programs offered through Holistic Restoration will help you to self-heal, and ultimately create a simple authentically aligned business that connects deeply to you and moves your mission forward in an empowered supported way.

Featured Offerings:

Offering Overview

In-Person Massage/Reiki/Groups at Better Days Therapeutic Solutions – Clayton, NC

In-Person Massage/Reiki/Groups at The Float Spa Holly Springs – Holly Springs, NC

Online Courses

Body Balance Breakthrough

12-Levels of Holistic Restoration: Unlock Your Receiving

ABC’s for DIY Business Growth Worksh0p {Online Only}

Awakened Intuition Series {Online Only} 

Empathic Healer Course

Ceremonies / Blessings

HR’s Crystal Corner

Total Body/Mind Reset

Holistic Empowerment Series

Awakened Leadership Series

Free Resources