Who are we not to?

Who are we not to?

The first time I became conscious of my inner guidance pulling me in the direction of my highest good I felt a literal pulling, tugging sensation in the center of my body toward a direction and a sacked in the gut, nausea uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when the course was heading away from growth and learning. I began to develop faith in the unseen and the unknown. My consciousness expanded and my perspective shifted. I no longer looked for a safety net before I jumped and instead began making leaps of faith with a full understanding and inner sense of knowing that just because I couldn’t see the net below didn’t mean it wasn’t there, holding strong and ready to catch me. The fear of changing in my life and taking a chance that the universe would be there to catch me if I slipped and fell would easily bring me to tears because I knew I had to jump because I could no longer continue the life I was living. I became more afraid of things staying the same then I was of making a change and risking failure. So I jumped.

I dove head first into running my massage practice and no doing subcontracting massage work. I began thinking of all of my assets and what ways I could generate a flow of money into my business. I had been a passionate amateur photographer for a number of years and always considered it a hobby. I never even considered the fact that I could be a photographer or an artist and create photography that people would buy. I knew I liked my photos and my friends and family always liked my photos however I never thought past that. I thought there was a chance that other people would like them as well so I printed out a few shots and handmade a few blank greeting cards and took them to a vendor fair. While promoting my massage & wellness practice, I set out a box of cards and people loved them! Everyone that looked commented on how great they were and I walked away selling 14 cards, which got me excited.

I incorporated my photography into my practice, using the cards for any client correspondence and selling them as inspirational therapy for your soul. People started referring to me as a photographer and asking me if I was a photographer, and I started calling myself a photographer—which was something I had never even had the thought of calling myself, even though I had loved photography and taken photos for years. There was a part of me that kept thinking: who am I to call myself a photographer? I finally realized I had an innate gift for capturing my perspective of the universe.

As my practice developed and grew, I grew along with it. I incorporated nutritional cleansing coaching and grew passionate about assisting others in their own physical and emotional transformations. I decided to take the same skills I had developed through cleanse coaching and offer assistance to others that were looking to change their lives, yet not quite ready to make nutritional changes. Although I had assisted others this way for many years in my day-to-day life, it never occurred to me that this was something I could do for a living. People started referring to me as a life coach and asking me if I was a life coach, and I started calling myself a life balance coach. There was a part of me that kept thinking: who am I to call myself a life coach? I finally realized I had an innate gift for capturing my perspective of the universe.

In my personal life, I decided to enter the 2010 IsaBody Challenge with Isagenix, the nutritional cleansing company I partner with. I committed to a 24-week challenge to develop my unique, balanced, healthy lifestyle that I could leave as a legacy to my family and find my own personal peace. During my journey, I expanded my consciousness to the point I could no long continue eating meat—and guess what? I thought: who am I to call myself a vegetarian? I added running to my regular exercise regime and even at my first 10K a short 3 months later, I had moments of thinking: who am I to call myself a runner?

Along with the physical changes that took place during my journey, I experienced a number of mental and emotional realizations, expansions and peace. I became committed to consistently in the direction of my highest potential and in order to do that I must keep my physical, mental and spiritual self as healthy and balanced as possible. By doing this, I will be able to grow into my divine potential and in doing so I am honoring my divine creator. This part of my journey lead me full circle in my spiritual life and brought me to the highest level of spiritual awareness I have experienced so far in my life. This spiritual connection is a vital piece in completing your own unique balanced life. My consciousness has expanded once again and now I find myself viewing the universe from a different perspective. I am committed to replace the question of who am I to who am I not to?

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