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a. roane picBefore coaching with Crissy, I was depressed and on a bad track in my life. My marriage was on the verge of realizing that it was falling apart.

The first big breakthrough I got from working with Crissy was that my brain isn’t always the best thing to follow…sometimes you have to say “thanks for bringing up those worries, brain, but I have this!”

I also love that Crissy taught me “you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person or the right thing to the wrong person.” That underlying message of trust yourself and the universe takes so much off of my shoulders!

From coaching with Crissy I have learned to find healthy ways to channel some of my energies, I now own my own business, and I live each day to the fullest.

I definitely would recommend coaching with Crissy! She has transformed me from a victim of my circumstances to someone that is able to talk to others about what has happened in my life. I have healed many old wounds and found closure. You won’t regret any time you spend with Crissy!

~ Alison Roane ~ Owner ~ ACR Interiors ~


j. duvoid picBefore I started coaching with Crissy five years ago, I felt like a victim to my life circumstances. I was always searching for something outside of myself (for example Angel cards, tarot readings, tea leaf readings, etc…etc…) to fix things on the inside. Crissy helped me to realize that everything comes from the inside-out, not the outside-in. That all that I could possibly want and need is already within myself. A big “A-HA” I learned from Crissy is that people in my life are a reflection of me.Oh I could go on and on, but I’ll just say that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND coaching with Crissy. She will help you with every aspect of your life and assist you in empowering yourself and loving yourself.

Weekly coaching with Crissy has been an absolute God-send for me and continues to be. I have learned to be more positive in life, take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in my life, and to go INSIDE myself for answers versus looking for things outside of myself. She’s helped me change negative belief systems into beliefs that serve me so that I can move forward in joy. Crissy has some incredibly amazing courses that I’ve had the opportunity of taking. I’d recommend inquiring about them.

Crissy is an incredibly intuitive, warm, kind, loving lady who is passionate about sharing her lessons with others. She’s great at helping me pull out my greatness and she’s also good at calling me out on my “STUFF”. And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that! Truly. What a beautiful soul. Crissy, thank you! I could never thank you enough for being such a bright light in my life over the last five years. I am so grateful for you and your teachings. Please continue to coach others, as you were born to do this work! :)

~ Jennifer Duvoid ~ Owner ~ Ethical Results Ventures, Inc.


H.Pollock Westside CollectiveBefore coaching with Crissy, I felt like my wheels were spinning without getting anywhere. I felt overwhelmed with work and not having time with my family. I felt like I was drowning in bills.

The big breakthrough I got from working with Crissy was creating a price list and menu of services to make it easy for my clients to say yes. I also gained a different and better view of my finances and my goals and learned how manifesting can work.

As a result of coaching with Crissy, I gained more customers, changed the way I looked at my debt, and was able to manifest my dreams and goals into reality.

I would recommend coaching with Crissy because she helped me find my path more clearly. She helped me know my self-worth and become more confident in the services and products I offer.

~ Heather Roma Pollock ~ Owner ~ The Westside Collective ~




Before coaching with Crissy, I felt confused on how to reshape the way I provide services, and I was looking into moving and growing service over the phone. From working with Crissy, I learned that It takes practice and patience with oneself to accomplish our desires but with a flexible mind it can be done.

As a result of coaching with Crissy, I was able to define my expertise and how to offer it. I was able to clarify what my services do and learned how to leverage opportunities.

I would recommend coaching with Crissy because of her patience, understanding, and kindness. She has lots of wisdom not only from her coaching expertise but from her own experience as an entrepreneur.

I’m glad I connected with Crissy. She is definitely the person for the job. Transforming your mindset takes a lot and Crissy is very understanding, patient and a great motivator and she has the right tools to support that transformation. I am glad I worked with her, and you will be glad you did, too!

~ Mariela Siwarqinti ~




Before beginning the coaching with Crissy, I felt overwhelmed by all the “to-dos” and recommendation in the small business world of how to get started, the number of social media outlets to be a part of, and I felt lost in all of it because I didn’t feel like it represented myself, goals, or target audience well.

Crissy really helped me change my mindset which has impacted how I view and live through difficult or less than ideal situations that arise, both in my personal life and within my business.

By working with Crissy, I’ve been able to redirect my focus onto my clients and how I can use my natural gifts and abilities to best meet their needs. Crissy has a very open and calm presence that makes her so trustworthy and an instant advocate.

I would recommend coaching with Crissy because her coaching goes beyond small business help and launches and really has impacted every area of my life. While our time together certainly helped me get a strong footing in my financial coaching business, some of the most important and memorable changes were in other areas of my life such as my relationships.

~ Elizabeth Wilson ~ Financial Coach & Owner ~ Find Your Zeroes


Before coaching with Crissy, I had a hard time celebrating myself, who I am, and what I can give to the world. My biggest breakthrough I got from Crissy is realizing that I am perfectly capable of doing what I feel drawn to do, and if I don’t know the steps they will appear when I need them!

Since working with Crissy, I feel much more confident in who I am and what I bring to the world. I am clear that my purpose is whatever I choose it to be and that I am on the “right” path! I believe Crissy can see underneath the “story.” She has the ability to lovingly share her insights and wisdom from the outside perspective. She is a seasoned coach who walks her talk. If you’ve been wanting to coach with her do it before she becomes famous and costs like $50,000 a year!

J.S. ~ MOMpreneur & Blogger ~ Rock Motherhood with Confidence, Grace & Beauty


Hi Crissy,

I trust that this email finds you well. I would like to thank you sincerely for assisting me on this wonderful journey towards my physical and spiritual healing, and for sharing your truly amazing healing gifts with me!

I have been walking around on a swollen and inflamed foot and ankle for 20 years now, and as I previously shared with you, it became more swollen than ever and quite painful at times during my recent pregnancy. I’m thankful for the evidence that the universe has conspired towards my total and complete healing, because I had no idea that  “small talk” in the beginning of our coaching session would reveal my foot/ankle issues and that I would be moved into my next stage of  total healing.

By revisiting the time and circumstances surrounding my injury while simultaneously performing your special brand of physical therapy, not only was I able to unearth the root causes of the emotional injury connected to my foot, you helped me to (quite literally)  become clear on how many, (if not all) physical ailments, and even seemingly random or unrelated injuries can stem from the emotional/spiritual meridians or chakras that have suffered injury and are manifesting themselves in physical form.  I am still amazed at the drastic improvement in the look and feel of my ankle by the end of our session, and its continued improvement from just one session with you.

I am convinced that your healing work will serve you and others who are lead to you best if the physical therapy and emotional/spiritual therapy are performed in tandem.  I believe this is the way our creator intended your gift to be used.

I look forward to continuing to experience total life transformation on all levels and the balance it is already restoring in my life through our work together!  Thank you for helping me to live my life as intended by the creator simply by being a great example of how to do so!

In love and light,

Sophia Lewis


After some life-changing events in my life, I was free to create the life that I always wanted to live. By having Crissy in my corner, I was able to have major breakthroughs and loving guidance through our sessions together. I would not be at the healthy state of spirit, mind and body without her. I consider Crissy to be an invaluable advocate to my consistent growth and success.

~ Richard McCorkell ~ Composer/Producer/Performer at Reluctant Icon



Crissy Keye is an excellent, experienced and intuitive massage therapist. She is an amazing healer of bodies, but, she is so much more! Her personal path has led her to an integral practice of combining body, mind and spiritual practices which have allowed her to step fully into her power as a shining example of what we can all accomplish. It is her passion to share what she has learned with all those who are ready to accept responsibility for their lives and are ready to expand and grow into what they are meant to be. She is fully invested in both her own growth, and that of her clients…and that is exactly what I look for in a coach and teacher…one who walks the walk and shares what they learn with others, along the way.

~ Joy Ayscue ~ Founder of The Conscious Healing Initiative and



Crissy truly has healing hands. I have received several massages from her that not only helped me relax, but helped take away some long-time tension I had in my shoulder/neck area. Thank you for your services

~ C. Nanez ~ President & Marketing Director of Divine Marketing Group


I first met Crissy at a workshop and she immediately saw into my heart. She could see the suffering and unhappiness that I thought I had hid so well from the world. Since I started Life Coaching with Crissy, I have noticed a transformation. Nothing has changed yet everything has changed. My view of the world has changed so dramatically that I feel I am equipped to handle anything that might come my way. Thank you, Crissy!

~ Alison Roane ~ ACR Interiors


Living From the heart (LFTH) testimonials

What Are People Saying About Their Living From the Heart Retreat Experience?

See for yourself…

“A spiritual retreat’s purpose is to clear your mind, get you in touch with your spirit and give you tools with which to carry your renewed and rejuvenated self back into the world and the energy with which to accomplish your purpose and follow your passion. Crissy Keye Rollins’ Living from the Heart accomplishes all of this and more. I highly recommend you experience it for yourself!”

“Living from the Heart really is the key to living a fulfilling, joyful life. Crissy really helps bring spiritual teaching into practical application. Since returning from LFTH 2, I have implemented a few of the applications and I am feeling connected to my soul and more free than ever before.” -JoAnne Schaub

“I would recommend this to my brother and his wife.”

“I really loved the location.”

“It flowed nicely. It was perfect…”

“Love the flow! Love being able to ask questions & share insights! Love the relaxed teacher!”

“I really understood you when you intentionally pushed my buttons and asked me what was annoying me…I couldn’t pin point my frustrations until that point. That really, really worked.”

“Your sessions are worth more…”

“I did wish I had been to the first session but I am soo glad I got this opportunity.”

“That I truly want to live 100% responsibility.”

“Consciousness is a choice.”

“I CAN master my monkey mind and especially to use the cue!”

“The things I see / notice are a reflection of me. I never thought of that before and the whole brain is for survival really made sense.”

“I have taken on living 100% responsible [for myself & my choices] and have had MANY opportunities to stand in my commitment. “

“More aware of my actions and decisions.”

“More energy…more focus!”

“I think to myself about really showing up. Even more I communicate with my students that I what them to show up too. Work is more fulfilling. I am getting along better with my family.”

“This is a really amazing under taking. I never knew about life coaches before, I think I was so open to your teaching since your such an amazing massage therapist.”

“I received a lot of value out of the material and the way it was presented. I’ve been able to bring forward many of the suggestions in to my life. The handout guide made it easy to focus on what we being presented and I’ve gotten a lot out of looking back on the material.”

“Highly recommend to all looking for inner peace, you will find here.””

“Great location-very peaceful”

“It was the perfect amount for a beginning. I personally wanted to go deeper, BUT it was good to start with the basics and funny enough as “basic” as I thought it was for me I still got A LOT out of it! :)” (after attending LFTH1)

“Great with a small group-very conversational”

“I like that it was relaxed and flowed. People were able to add comments and ask questions easily.”

“Very casual like it no pressure.”

“So many I wanted to check, they all are great.”        (asked top 3 topics of LFTH1)

“I look forward to exploring each of these deeper!”

“Sorry couldn’t pick just 3.”     (asked top 3 topics of LFTH1)

“They’re all great”

“I thought it all was relevant.”


As a bonus, LFTH offers you a community of inspired, committed, like-minded people that meet monthly in Clayton. We gather each month to discuss our victories, challenges, and offers opportunities to support and be supported. After returning from LFTH2, this is what the attendees said about their experience since returning home from the retreat:

“I’ve been more inspired.”

“I’ve been less frustrated and not reacting as much.”

“I am able to ask for what I need, and share how I feel things should be.”

“I’ve been creating more balance.”

“I’ve had increased self-awareness.”

“I came back so peaceful, it helped me to realize when I’m not.”

“I have been offered my dream job opportunity!”