Who Do You Think You Are: Avoiding SBD’s of the Mind (Silent But Deadly Thoughts)

IMG_0621The other day a beautiful friend of mine asked if I had made the tie-dyed outfit my daughter was wearing. My immediate thought was: I wish! I can’t make a tie-dye that awesome. Images of when I was in Girl Scouts flashed through my head, along with the excitement of make a rockin’ tie-dye shirt for the first time, and the disappointment that followed when mine didn’t look like the ones I had seen for sale in stores. In that moment, at the ripe age of likely 10, I decided I suck at making tie-dyes, and that’s been my thought anytime making tie-dyes has come up ever since.

I’ve spent the past four years consciously building my belief in myself. I consciously look for any limiting beliefs and thoughts I carry unknowingly/subconsciously with me. So this time, after the thought crossed my mind as I was about to respond to my friend’s question, I realized: I’m making a decision about who I am and what I’m capable of from the limited perspective and experience I had as a child, and I’m making it a truth about me. The truth is I haven’t tried to make a tie-dye in twenty-something years. The truth is I am very capable of doing anything I set my mind to. The truth is that I’m sure if I really truly wanted to make my own tie-dye, I’ve got twenty-something years of experience that will assist in guiding me successfully through the project. Even if it took me several attempts to reach tie-dye success, I’m sure that the shirts I have seen for sale are not someone’s first go at tie-dying either!

IMG_0410This realization immediately felt more truthful to me than my previous subconscious-provoked thought. I felt one more little piece of me being healed. I felt more self-loving and accepting. I truly believe that’s what this journey called life is truly all about: A journey to self-love. Following my belief that the world around us is a reflection of what we believe, when we fall in love with ourselves, the world around us reflects the same unconditional love and acceptance back to us. It’s our journey to peace and truly discovering heaven on earth, or more accurately, as Jesus said, heaven within us.

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2 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are: Avoiding SBD’s of the Mind (Silent But Deadly Thoughts)

  1. You are inspiring and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, experiences and vision. love you Jake :)

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