Moms Are So Deserving: Letting the Easy In (part 1)

Moms Are So Deserving: Letting the Easy In (part 1)

I was chatting with one of my beautiful friends today and she asked me how new motherhood was going for me. After I gave a brief recap of my experiences the past few weeks—which as you mothers know can best be summarized as never-ending and demanding along with all the cuteness—she replied while nodding,

“And can you imagine what it’s like for moms that don’t have Isagenix?”

I immediately pictured myself more tired, much further from my pre-pregnancy weight, and much busier having to figure out meals for myself throughout the day, plus the additional stress of trying to make it nutrient-rich and budget-friendly. No wonder so many moms keep or even add on to their pregnancy weight. No wonder so many moms skip meals or make food choices based on convenience verses making their nutrition top priority. No wonder I was continually told how tired I would be once the baby arrived. No wonder I haven’t experienced any of these issues!

My pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience has absolutely increased my gratitude for having such sound, cost-efficient and convenient nutrition Isagenix brings to my life. With all my gratitude, this was the first time I thought about what my life and new motherhood experience would look like without it.

Moms, we work hard. We’ve been given such an important mission in raising these babes. We are so important and we matter so much. The choices we make not only affect us. They affect our family and quite honestly everyone in our paths. The demands on us physically and emotionally are never-ending and we deserve to be able to handle all of it with peace and ease.

You deserve it.

Your kids deserve it.

Your family deserves it.

Let the easy in.

Now I’m not making any claims that my wonderful transition into motherhood is directly a result of my involvement with Isagenix, as I could never prove that to be true. What I do know to be true, however, is when you feed your body and mind the way it was designed to be fueled, you increase your capacity for reaching your peak potential. (**and this doesn’t even mention the personal growth and development I’ve experienced over the years of being immersed in the culture of Isagenix, allowing a significant increase in my peace of mind, allowing me to eat 80% of my meals for free, etc…I’d be happy to share more of these benefits with anyone interested in learning of them. Simply send me a message or call me to chat!)

This realization and reflection has inspired me to turn this single blog post into a series focused on what it truly takes and how simple it is to let the easy into the lives of mommas. Not a momma? Not to worry. All the information I share will be beneficial for daddies, parents to be, and anyone currently undergoing the human experience no matter where you are on your journey. So be sure to stay tuned and share these postings with anyone in your life that you believe is deserving of letting the easy into their lives. As always, thank you for reading and supporting my mission to bring a bit more peace and self-love to you and the world!


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