Learn to Read the Signs

Life is constantly giving us signs as to which direction to go & what choices to make. If we are unaware of the signs, we miss them, overlook them, or mis-interrupt them. With everything that occurs around us, we are given feedback. We get off track by labeling the feedback as success/failure, right/wrong, good/bad. By doing this, we miss out on the valuable message the feedback contains. We interrupt in Human what is spoken in Love (also known as God, the Universe, source energy, the Creator). By learning how to read these messages, we develop intuition, self-trust, and experience ease & flow.

So what are the signs & how are they designed to be read? My favorite messages to receive are confirmation & validation. This let’s me know I’m in alignment with the flow of life & encourages me to keep trusting myself. Confirmation is received through synchronicity. The more you are in the flow, in alignment with life, the more synchronistic events will show up in your life (ie: those are the answers to your prayers–God/Life’s way of saying “I got your message”). By taking notice of this occurrence, you are giving confirmation back to life that you are receiving what you desire (you are saying to God/Life “I got your message”). Gratitude is the ultimate form of confirmation back to the Universe, which is why is it so important & powerful. Take notice of what re-occurs in your life & start trusting it is a sign of what to do/think/feel, take note & give thanks–magic will start to happen in your life. (Side note: a lot of times things happen in 3’s, if you see something twice, start watching for the 3rd time.) This may be a song, a word, a book suggestion, a picture, an animal, anything!

Now, confirmation is great, but you got to take action before you can receive it. This is where feelings come in. If it feels good–go for it. If it feels bad–don’t go for it. If it feels scary–absolutely go for it! Resistance is you trying to stop the natural flow, so where you feel resistance–take action! Confirmation will follow. If you feel good after, you made the right choice! If you feel bad after, how could you take a different approach next time?

Exercises: Create a Gratitude list & a Success list. Write out 100 things you are grateful for & 100 things that you have done successfully in your life. Over look nothing. Credit everything. Do you have eyes to read this? Give thanks! Are you reading this on your own computer? Give thanks!? Are you living in a house or apartment instead of a literal trash heap like so many people in our world do? GIVE HUGE THANKS! Have you ever made cookies without burning them? Success! Can you tie your shoes? Success! Did you graduate high school? Success! Pass a test? Success! Ever make someone smile? HUGE SUCCESS!! You are abundantly blessed & amazing! Be sure to recognize it. For another resource for daily inspiration, you can check out my blog: http://crusadeforconsciousness.wordpress.com/ 

If you received anything from reading this note, I’d love to receive your comments. Infinite love, gratitude, blessings & peace! -Crissy-

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