Trust Yourself to Trust Others

IMG_1097One of the philosophies I teach and live by is the belief that when you 100% trust yourself, you can 100% trust others. This simple philosophy is also the one that is most challenged by my students and clients. Too many of us have too much evidence to the contrary, and fully believe there are some people in the world you cannot trust no matter the circumstances. To be completely honest, there’s a small voice inside of me that begs me to reconsider this belief and offers me plenty of evidence from my past of different people I likely should never trust again. I decided this would be a great topic to expand on, for myself, along with you. Here are five reasons the philosophy holds water and what I can trust about others 100% of the time:

  1. I trust that every person that crosses my path, at the core essence of their being is pure divine love and perfection. Simply explained: God don’t make no junk. Everything, everyone, is exactly how it should be. Life does not make mistakes and is always on purpose. We are all divine love expressed on this earth.
  2. I trust that everyone wants to be happy and no one wants to be a jerk. While we all have many differences on the outside, within each and every person is the desire to be happy and to be loved and accepted. As one of my mentors teaches, no one is a jerk until you show up. All alone, or surrounded by those that accept them, they are at peace and happy until you come along and make them wrong for being them, deny them their acceptance, and trigger their jerk mechanism causing a reaction they feel fully justified to give. IMG_1177
  3. I trust that anyone that displays anything other than this divine love and perfection and desire to be happy is doing so because they believe it’s what they have to do in order to survive. It may not bring them what they want, buts it’s proven the test of time that in the end, they will still be alive, and that’s all that matters to our subconscious mind that is making 90% of our decisions.
  4. I trust that everyone is doing the best they can do. Often not the best they have the potential of doing, simply the best they believe is possible for them consciously or subconsciously in that moment. If they thought there was a better way or that they could make a better choice, believe me they would.
  5. Most importantly I trust that no matter what choices others make, I am fully equipped to deal with whatever occurs as a result. Trusting myself 100% means trusting I am fully equipped to handle anything that crosses my path. So even if I deal with someone that fails to meet my mind’s view of trustworthy, I know I can handle whatever follows the betrayal or failed expectations. And since I doubly believe that life is our reflection, this opportunity offers a chance for me to reflect over where in my life I may be letting another or myself down by not following through on a commitment.

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