Food is Life and Isagenix is Food

At the beginning of my pregnancy, many caring people asked me with great concern if I was still taking Isagenix. I was surprised at everyone’s concern mostly because I couldn’t image growing a baby without feeding the best nutrients on the planet to my body. Here I sit 21 weeks later (at the time of this writing; 28 weeks at the time of this posting) without having experienced a day of morning sickness, feeling great with peace of mind that even though I do succumb to 218815_10150241302560961_3433848_omany cravings I typically do not have in my pre-pregnant diet, mainly regular dairy, wheat and eggs, along with a variety of processed, sugary foods, my baby is getting great, usable nutrients every day.

For the first time tonight, it hit me. Many must think that because it comes in powders, liquids and encapsulations, because I’ve released pounds and inches and maintain a balanced healthy weight for the first time in my adult life, Isagenix must be diet products that starve my body or at least trick it in some way. I’m here to set the record straight that that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes modern technology and advanced science has found how to harvest the highest quality nutrient sources in a way that they are convenient to ship, store, consume and for the body to utilize, however they are not magic potions or pills created in a laboratory to make people lose weight, using chemicals and stimulants, as other products claiming to produce seemingly similar results. Isagenix is an alternative way to eat food. Plain and simple.

IMG_7259I think of how many women eat processed, microwaved, fast convenient foods that modern technology has also assisted in developing over the past several decades. I think of the growing cases of childhood illness and diseases and disorders so many children have today. I think of the blessing I am giving my unborn child by laying down a solid foundation of nutrition to develop with. I know this doesn’t guarantee the health of my baby,  however I do know it’s a gift I am giving myself to allow ease during my pregnancy.

While I know good nutrition does not guarantee an illness-free life for myself or my child, I know it greatly ups the odds and reduces the chance of many issues to occur.  To me, I couldn’t think of a better investment of my time, money and energy before or after, and especially during my pregnancy. I appreciate you allowing me to share my thoughts with you and know that I believe every woman must choose what they feel is best for them and their growing baby during this amazing adventure called pregnancy. With all the perspectives, statistics, books, advice and the like available to pregnant ladies, trusting our instincts and listening to our bodies is the best advice I believe we can take.


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5 thoughts on “Food is Life and Isagenix is Food

  1. Straight up fantastic way to trust, live, eat, AND grow a healthy baby. I especially liked how you mentioned the microwaving. Many people don’t realize this “irradiates” the food causing cancer, which nobody wants prego or otherwise. Blessings:)

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