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(Originally posted 10.22.10)

Receiving is something a lot of us struggle with. In our society, we are conditioned to believe that being selfish is a bad thing & we commonly hear the expression “it is better to give, than to receive.” The majority of people, whether consciously or not, find it easier to give to others than to receive from another. I’m not sure if its pride, the fear of seeming greedy, or a core belief system that we do not deserve. People reflect compliments, reject assistance & stop themselves from receiving gifts from strangers & even those they are the closest to.

Looking at the roots of the word “receive,” I found the definition: “regain, take back.” To me, this switches my thinking from taking from someone, to simply reclaiming what is actually mine to begin with. Now, receiving is simple, easy & something I was designed to do.

I once heard the notion proposed, that when we enter into this life, we splinter into a bizillion pieces (actual number unknown by me, so a bizillion sounds appropriate) throughout the Universe. Throughout our life, we travel throughout the world, connecting with people & gathering back the pieces of ourselves that only they hold. Its like each person we encounter throughout our journey has a little gift, just for us, uniquely perfect, and each is a piece to the wondrous puzzle that is our Authentic Self. One by one, piecing together a picture much larger than ourselves, divinely connected.

Adopting this philosophy, I have begun to practice connecting with every one in my path. I believe that everything I require will be provided for me through the laws of the Universe. One of my great mentors, Matthew Ferry, assisted me in realizing that everything we require we receive from other people. Just think about it for a minute. Anything you have ever accomplished in life involved other people. I combine this thinking with my faith that God will put everything I require in my path (simply because I’ve requested for this to happen) and now I look at people as each holding a unique gift for me & all I have to do is take the time to discover what it is. In the same turn, I have a gift for them, a piece of them that belongs to them, and it is my duty (and pleasure) to return it to them. It’s not mine; so I have no desire to keep it, only pass it along. And to make it even more fun, exciting & enjoyable, I have no idea what gift I hold for them, so I’m just as excited to see what it is when I give it to them. PLUS I get the bonus return gift of having them receive my unexpected gift. It’s beautiful, endless cycle of contribution.

Once I discovered this line of thinking, I began to look around & watch people. I noticed how many do not look to connect with others. In general, we are unplugged, disconnected, conditioned to mind our own business & keep to ourselves. It was a huge eye-opener for me to realize how much I go throughout my day without looking people in the eye. Once I began to do so, I found that there are other people who do the same thing! Every encounter & connection we have with another being, we are silently saying “I see you. You exist. You matter & I care.” Regardless if its holding the door open for someone, giving a stranger a hand, paying someone a compliment, offering peace in a stressful situation, a shoulder to cry on, a warm meal, or simply a warm smile, these are all gifts, splintered pieces of another, that you are returning to its Home, its desired & divine destination. Each piece returning, contributing to the whole, which in turn, is simply just another piece in yet another, greater Whole.

What gifts are you missing out on giving & receiving?


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