Thriving on Empty

(Originally posted 10.20.10)

Empty is a funny word. It doesn’t provoke much action and usually refers to a lacking or being without. You can feel empty inside, be sad to find your box of favorite treats empty, and no one likes to wind up on the side of the road with an empty tank. Emptiness makes me think of loneliness, sadness, and a longing for more.

When tracing back to the roots of empty, I was surprised to find an original definition of empty being: “freedom from fear.” How liberating! This is absolutely a new way of viewing empty for me! The term was coined to refer to people that enjoyed freedom from duties, and therefore were unoccupied, which eventually lead to referring to objects that were unoccupied. This definition brought my attention to the possibilities that lie in the empty. With emptiness, I find freedom & the choice to fill the space with anything of my liking. Instead of seeing what wonderful thing I desire as missing, now I view the void as a freedom from dislikes, as well as offering limitless potential to be filled with my most treasured desires & opportunities.

So now instead of looking at the glass  as half full or half empty, I say I’d prefer an entirely empty glass so I may fill it up with whatever I desire!


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