Failure is the Only Option

(Originally posted 10.27.10)

Failure. My heart sinks to the pit of my stomach when I read that word. I don’t know about you, but I’ve recently discovered I have a HUGE fear of failure. In my experience, I’m not alone in that fear. In fact, fear of failure is one of the leading reasons people don’t attempt to try something new, follow their dreams, and I bet it’s the reason the #1 fear of people is public speaking—more people fear this than dying. So, if fear of failure is really the root cause of the fear of public speaking, than it’s safe to say that failure is the true #1 fear—most people just probably don’t realize the source of their fear.

So how in the world can failure be redefined in order to empower me & embrace failure? I’m going to the computing dictionary for this one. Since fear starts in the mind, it’s only natural to reason that our dislike of failure is a computing issue with the mind. Our minds actually work much like a computer (or computers work much like our minds—you choose) and if the message we receive or process is mis-coded, the message is all jumbled up. The definition I found to replace my old non-serving way of dealing with the word failure is: “The inability of a system or system component to perform a required function within specified limits.” It continues to say, “A failure may be produced when a fault is encountered.”

Now, if you are thinking, “Yep, that’s failure… nothing new there,” then I encourage you to take special notice to the part about “specified limits.” As human beings, we are limited by our own personal, unique perspective of the world. We only experience what is happening to us, and we are taught/our brains process information in a linear manner: A, B, C, D,… The problem or “fault” with this is that the Universe around us works in a matrix. It’s processing is A, Q, T, F,…and we may not get to B for quite some time. When our limited perspective doesn’t see B after A, and instead some other letter, we freak out, decide B’s not coming & declare the whole experience a failure. Once the full picture is in place, we can look back and realize our misperception of the situation & see there was never a reason to freak out in the first place…we just didn’t see that B was right around the corner.

I recently took on another, deeper level of embracing failure. It dawned on me that by the very nature of succeeding; you are failing at what you were previously doing. To start something new, you must leave behind the old. If you out grow a job and move into a promotion, you have failed to maintain your old position. If you regain your health, you failed to stay unhealthy. If you cheer up, you fail to stay sad. All of this made me realize that the first step in succeeding is failure! Boy! Now I’m excited! Now I see everything completely different & I can’t WAIT to be a failure with where I currently am, to I can succeed in where I’m striving to go. Instead of being paralyzed by fear of failure, I now seek out & get excited about what I’m going to fail at. I’ve got my power back.

What do you want to be a failure at so you become what you want to be?


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