Living Life from a Flawed Premise: How to Shift into Embracing Yourself, Others and Life As Is

Much like our finger prints, no two snowflakes are alike. I’ve noticed the same to be true with the spots on giraffes and the stripes on zebras. As a photographer, I’m constantly amazed and dazzled by the beautiful colors, intricate patterns and brilliant designs found in nature. Nature is by far one of my most reliable muses. The more I take time to appreciate, the more beauty, genius and inspiration I find. Through committing myself to living a life from the heart, one that’s rooted in Love, and coaching others to do the same, I have found these same principles apply to my relationships with people, no matter the label, no matter the person. The more I appreciate, the more beauty and genius I discover.

Our uniqueness, as I’ve shared in past blogs such as the Proof is in the Perfection: 5 Steps to Accepting That It’s All Perfect! and Wonderfully Weird: Simple Steps to Self-Love, is the very proof that we are just as amazing, exquisite and perfectly exact as each snowflake, sunrise, fingerprint and fig tree. Each with a purpose. Each unique and individual. Each perfect. Yet so few of us realize it. We mistake—or more accurately mis-interpret—the world around us, the people, experiences and situations Life/God/the Universe gives us, and we label it right or wrong, good or bad, perfect of flawed…typically with the flaws in the forefront and the perfection in the background, if even noticed at all.

In my on-going quest to redefine the world around me in order to create a life that makes my heart sing, and as someone who has reached a point of surrender/self-love/acceptance that I have which allows me to forgive/accept the mistakes I make as perfection through experience, I looked into the root of what flaw is really about. What I found was beautiful: “snowflake, spark of fire.” Not only do I find my previous references to snowflakes’ beautiful exquisite perfection apply to our flaws, I also found spark of fire—the fire of life—creating more than enough proof for me to say once again, at the very root of everything that causes us to fear/pain, lies a mis-perception, an illusion that falls away as soon as you walk up and touch it.

Underneath it all, no matter how flawed we may judge ourselves, others, situations and life, we find every time the simple truth of perfection, as individual as each snowflake and always containing that magic spark of fire we call Life.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to embrace your self-perceived flaws, along with the mis-perceived flaws in everyone around you and everything that life offers you. Look beyond your judgments and the illusions and discover the exquisite perfection, as individual as snowflakes and full of life, that lies await patiently inside and perfectly design especially for you.


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