My Phoenix Transformation: Getting Into My Body (and going to Arizona) to Better Serve Others

Five years ago after becoming keenly aware of a need for balance in my life, I unknowingly began to pray for it to enter my life. After experiencing the frustration and self-disappointment that accompanied the weight I regained after once again unsuccessfully being able to maintain the unbalanced lifestyle choices I made in order to lose the weight in the first place, I began thinking about and speaking out loud—to myself and others—my desire to let go of my “all-or-nothing” approach to my physical body, and replace it with one that was balanced and honored the gift my body truly is. As Life/God/the Universe always does, I received the answer from an unexpected source, and I didn’t even realize it at first.


I was introduced to what at first glance seemed to be a foreign-word-entitled nutritional supplement company called Isagenix, which turned out to be a company that offered whole food based nutritional supplements that support a nutritional cleansing lifestyle, along with a compassionate, vision-driven team of like-minded individuals, who like me, want to make a difference in this world. Isagenix, which I have since learned means “Balanced Life” in Latin (talk about getting what I prayed for…is God on point or what?), offers products that have transformed my physical body, along with support from the company that has radically transformed my life emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.


Since my introduction to the companyrock stack just over four years ago, I have learned the benefits of living a nutritional cleansing lifestyle first hand. Initially, I thought it was simply about nourishing the body in order to feel better and easily lose weight. Although both those things are absolutely side effects of cleansing, by adopting a cleansing lifestyle verses using a cleanse as a quick fix approach to extra pounds and indulgences, I found that continually replenishing and cleansing my body, as well as plugging into some great coaches and mentors I found in the company, allowed me to experience greater spiritual insights, inspired action (verses motivation, which I was previously greatly lacking), and the releasing of non-serving mental and emotional habits, along with the non-serving physical ones.


I share all this with you in order to give credit where credit is due. Often, people believe that I am into health and nutrition because I am so passionate about life and honoring the gift that this experience is, many see my light shine and just think that living a healthy, balanced life lead me to embracing a nutritional cleansing lifestyle. I’m here to set the record straight. I am a product of Isagenix. It is through putting their nutritional products into my body and putting the culture and spirit of the company into my life that has led me to discover the precious gift that life is, the light that is inside me, and how to let it shine in order to ignite the passionate fire that is waiting to be discovered inside of others. Not only do I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life, I also feel alive, purposeful, powerful and peaceful, and it is my wish—and I believe my moral obligation—to pay forward these gifts to others…including you!


Today as I prepare to leave town to attend Isagenix’s annual convention, Celebration, in Phoenix, AZ, I look forward to reconnecting with so many inspiring, beautiful people I’ve meet over the years since aligning myself with Isagenix, that are committed to living life beyond serving only themselves. Linking arms with like-minded purpose-driven people allows me to refocus and refuel myself in order to continue on my journey and serve others at my highest potential. I am committed to bringing back with me all the knowledge, insights and inspiration possible in order to continue to nurture my growth, my contributions to the world, and to each of you. Your on-going support, belief and love for me, my business and my mission to teach the world to love itself is what makes this journey back to reconnecting with where my balance all began possible and is something I could not do all this without. It’s an honor and a blessing to serve you and I look forward to sharing my experience and continuing this journey with you upon my return.

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