Gimme gimme more…Why Asking for More Often Brings More of the Same and 6 Questions to Ask Youself in Order to Get More of What You Desire

Gimme gimme more…Why Asking for More Often Brings More of the Same and 6 Questions to Ask Youself in Order to Get More of What You Desire

IMG_9764All too often in life we have a tendency to see where we need more: more money, more love, more happiness, more fulfillment, more connection, more peace, more space, more time, more…, more…, more…We talk about needing more, we’re constantly reminded of why we want more, we see people with more, we dream about having more. We pray for more.

Then we sit back and wonder where it’s at, when it’s coming, and why aren’t we getting it. In a lot of cases, we’re given more circumstances of needing more. We begin to lose faith (if we had any to begin with), we begin to doubt life and ourselves, we begin to fear what lies ahead, we begin to wonder if this is really the life that we signed up for.

One of my mentors taught me that life stays the same because we talk about the same things and if we want our lives to change we’ve got to change our words. Recently I found myself talking about an area of my life where I want more, and it dawned on me I’ve got to get back to the basics. On top of changing what I was talking about, and quite literally speaking into my life, I also realized wanting more is a pretty vague request. Asking simply for more fails to clarify what it is that we want increased. If the prayer, the message to the universe that gets sent out, becomes attached to the words we speak, which are an extension of the thoughts that we think, what are the chances that that–what we’re talking about, not if we want it or don’t want it–is exactly what we get more of? From my experience, I’d say that’s exactly what is happening.

By asking for more, you get more of whatever you speak of, think about, and act on in association to what you want. Once I put all these pieces together in my life, I committed looking at each area of my life I’d like to have more, and get crystal clear on what I’d like to see and experience. My next step is to incorporate another teaching I’ve learned: Be what you want to receive. I’m challenging myself to focus my attention on being the quality of everything that I list I’d like to experience. Not only do I challenge myself to bring these qualities to the people in the situation, but also to the situation itself. Especially when I see and feel the desire for more.

IMG_9850Within minutes of consciously applying this in my life, I begin to experience an amazing shift in my life experience. The veils blocking my view parted. The perfection that life always is, where I was lacking gratitude, failing to see how abundantly blessed my life is, how I already have everything that I want, I’d simply failed to see it. Gratitude for what you already have is the key that unlocks the abundance surrounding you at all times. Simply put, if you are not truly grateful for what you already have, why should you be given more? If you are not grateful for what you have, you will not be grateful for more. True gratitude is full acknowledgement, recognition, and good stewardship of what you have been gifted in this life.

So the next time you find yourself wanting more from life, challenge yourself to answering these questions:

  1. What am I speaking about in my life concerning the area I feel is lacking?
  2. Are the words that I’m speaking represent what I want in this area?
  3. Do my actions and thoughts around this area match and support my desired vision?
  4. What precisely would I like to see, experience, and BE in this area of my life?
  5. In what ways do I already have these desired qualities in this area of my life?
  6. How can I be more appreciative, give more recognition and honor what I already have by being a better steward of what I’ve been gifted?


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