57 Reasons to Say YES!

57 Reasons to Say YES!

55437_488514854531_5872982_oA few short weeks ago, I was hit with a divine inspiration…a divinely inspired vision. In that moment, I knew what I had to do and I’m committed to bringing this vision into fruition. As I shared my vision with others, I found that I was not alone. I found almost everyone that I spoke to believes the same thing that I do. Surprisingly, regardless of the fact that they resonated with my vision, I found very few people were ready to take action on living into this shared vision. So many beautiful people in my life, and those that we all know, shared story after story of not having the energy, time, or finances to move forward in the live they desire to life.

I was told countless reasons why not, and all that I hear are reasons to say yes.

The vision took on a life of its own, and I have found myself called to combine my gifts and offerings in order to create my largest act of service to date, while simultaneously living into a new level of faith and surrender in my life. I believe that everyone deserves to live a limitless life, where they and their family are free from making decisions based on health, time or money. My belief, combined with the inspiration I found through my conversations with others, is the fuel behind my vision to offer the 30-Day Freedom Challenge.

If you believe the same for you and your family, if you share the vision of living a limitless life, I invite you to take on the 30-day Freedom Challenge! One of my mentors says the reason we don’t have what we want in life is because we are currently a “No” where we should be a “Yes.” Before your mind has a chance to convince you otherwise, here’s 47 reasons for you to say YES!:


1. Because you choose your path

2. Because it’s no longer just about you

3. Because it takes 21 days to form a new habit

4. Because this is what a work day should look like…



5. Because I want to watch more sunsets with my family

6. Because life is too short to live limited

7. Because your family is so deserving

8. Because she’s worth it

9. Because this is where I want to spend my time

10. Because everyone says life goes by so fast

11. Because you’re capable of so much more than you realize


12. Because I couldn’t imagine a better reason

13. Because every moment is precious

14. Because kids love it, too

15. Because family is most important and worth aging healthily for

16. Because you were born to fly


not about you anymore



18. Because moments like these are what matter most

19. Because this time won’t last forever

20. Because how you live life is your choice

21. Because this is what life’s really about

22. Because everyone deserves to sleep this good


23. Because all the cool kids are doing it

24. Because you can do anything you put your mind to

25. Because you deserve to feel amazing everyday

26. Because you are what you eat…and what you choose to be

27. Because life’s too short to not live limitless

28. Because you know you are ready for this

29. Because no one is more deserving than you…well maybe someone else is…




30. Because you know it’s time for a change

31. Because you know NOW is the time

32. Because your desire is proof of your destiny

33. Because you are stronger than you realize

34. Because a solid foundation makes a difference and matters

35. Because you make time for what you are committed to


36. Because action speaks louder than words

37. Because they follow your lead


someday never comes


39. Because you can make someday today

40. Because I believe in you

41. Because you’re destined to succeed

42. Because you’ll never know unless you go for it

43. Because if nothing changes…nothing will change

44. Because you can

45. Because 30 days is going to pass anyway


46. Because you were just saying you needed to do something

47. Because time is something you don’t get back


can't afford not to



49. Because you fail at 100% of the things you don’t try

50. Because what if this is what you’ve been praying for

51.Because you are only a decision away from what you want

52. Because what you want wanted you before you wanted it

53. Because you know you want to

54. Because what do you have to lose?


55. Because you have everything to gain

56. Because if not this, then what?

57. Because if not now, then when?

I invite you to say “Yes!” to an offer that has the potential to forever transform you’re life. Visit http://30DayFreedomChallenge.com now to find out all the details, learn about all the awesome prizes–including the chance to win up to $25,000, and give yourself the gift of YES!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my posting & I’ll be posting great new information, tips & tools regularly. If you have a recipe you’d like for me to try out & review, topics you’d like to hear about, or any other comments, feedback, or suggestions, kindly send me a message to AskCrissy@gmail.com and I will address the matter in a future blog posting. Be sure to subscribe to my Blog & YouTube Channel, visit my website regularly, and follow me on Facebook & Twitter, to stay plugged in to all of my offerings. As always, I wish you infinite love, blessings, peace, and joy as we take this journey together. I am blessed & honored to share my path with you.


2 thoughts on “57 Reasons to Say YES!

  1. Crissy, I am so blessed to have you in my life! Your commitment to excellence and integrity, your dedication to service, inspire and motivate. This 30-Day Freedom Challenge is exactly what I need and desire to step up into the next phase of my life…which IS unlimited!

    In LOVE!


    1. Thanks, Joy! Your kind words mean a lot to me ♥ I’m so inspired to offer this opportunity for others to finally say YES! to what they’ve been wanting in life. Thank you for helping me hold the vision, and saying YES! for yourself and your family!!

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