Not So Great Expectations — A Lesson in Living Into a Deeper Level of Faith

Not So Great Expectations — A Lesson in Living Into a Deeper Level of Faith

IMG_9472I was living my life expecting to not have more, expecting life to stay the same at the same time I was asking it to change. See the conflict? I believed, deeply, that life is standing by to deliver exactly what I desire most in life, all I’ve got to do is get clear on what I desire, and allow it to come into my life. The clearer I became in my vision, the more evidence I gathered supporting my belief, and the more committed I became to maximize the results possible when I play by the rules set forth by the same powers that created gravity. Regardless of belief, we are all subject to the effects of this force, and have the option to choose to what degree we allow it to work in our ultimate favor. And while we’re talking about favor, it’s all, no matter what the outcome, working in our favor. All of it.

So why do we expect anything else?

I realized that while I was envisioning, committing, clarifying, and building belief in what’s possible, I wasn’t playing full out. I wasn’t in full faith. So how would I ever receive and experience maximum results?

How did I discover this?

I realized that amongst all my faith, I was expecting life to stay the same, anticipating it, and honoring that through my actions. My words said, “Allow me the freedom to experience life on my terms for myself and my family,” yet I wasn’t living as if that was becoming a reality. I maintained the same actions and created the same reality. I continued to make choices based on what’s the best price instead of what honors what is most important to me and my highest priority. I didn’t go ahead and make investments that I planned to make once the increase was visible in my bank account. If money wasn’t a factor in my life, money wouldn’t be a factor in my life, so why allow it to be a factor in my life now?

IMG_9448If all of life is really conspiring in my favor, if the reality I experience is determined by the perspective I choose to invest my energy in, and money is simply another form of this same energy, and all I have to do I decide, declare, claim, and own the choices that I make, ever staying in the belief that all that will follow that decision will also follow the energy I attach to that decision: every waver in my faith adding a wrinkle, a reflection of that doubt, to my future (not to mention current!) experience.

In fact, if you truly want to know what you are most committed to, look at where you are currently investing. Where are you investing your money, along with your time and energy? What are you speaking about, thinking about, focusing on? What are your actions telling you (and others!) about your commitments? Where are do you spend the majority of your time, both physically and mentally?

The bottom line is this: If you live a life full faith, full surrender, consciously aware that only favor is coming your way, you will experience that favor in full. It’s a theory worth testing out if you ask me and that’s exactly what I intend to do.


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