Gettin’ Sweet on Sacrifice

(Originally posted 10.14.10)

Sacrifice. Man that word makes my heart sink! I envision having to cut off a limb or do something else I’d really prefer not to be doing. Any situation that involves sacrifice paints a picture in my mind of a lose-lose situation. And I only like to be involved with win-win situations (although win-win-win situations are my favorite!). There are even countless songs of heartache & misery that speak of sacrifice, so I’m guessing I’m not alone in Bummerville when I hear the word…Time for a new meaning!

So, as I’ve been known to do, I got down digging to the roots of sacrifice. To my lovely surprise, I found some inspiration: “to make holy.” Religious or not, it’s hard not to picture the clouds parting & rays of light coming down from the heavens. I truly see sacrifice in a whole new light. Now, I feel honored & blessed to be able to sacrifice. It’s like giving a gift verses being force to get rid of something I value. And that allows me to take on the new perspective that when I sacrifice something—say that second piece of chocolate cake—it must not be of value to me any longer. So why hold on any longer??

Now, if I apply sacrifice to non-serving habits—such as procrastination, or staying up too late—then by sacrificing, I am making the situations holy, by naturally inviting in productivity & optimal energy. Sacrificing now holds the potential to radically change lives, all through giving, so you know it’s got to be a holy act. What things, feelings, beliefs and habits could you sacrifice? What would they be replaced with?

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