Always Assume the Best

(Originally posted 10.15.10)

I, for one, am not found of assumptions. They seem to lead in the wrong direction, influence negative thoughts, promote gossip, create unnecessary worry, and bring hidden fears to the forefront of the mind. Assuming leads to confusion, break downs in communications, and can cause two forces to work against one another without ever exploring the possibilities of working together. Assumptions involve predicting the unknown and generally end up being very misleading. We assume in order to protect ourselves from unforeseen attacks & to keep us safe by avoiding unforeseen danger. Are you picking up on a pattern? There’s a lot of predicting going on due to all the unforeseen.

Upon getting to the roots of the word “assume,” I found the definition: “to receive up into heaven.” Now, predicting the most negative scenario possible doesn’t sound like heaven to me, so I’m offering a new approach to assuming that better fits this newfound perspective. Since we can’t foresee the future, and we have no proof of what outcomes will occur, we have no guarantee that we will receive the outcome we desire. Well, we also have no proof that the worse case will occur, either. Since we are going to not know, and we are going to assume, why don’t we follow the new definition and create assumptions that lift us up? Assume your perfect vision. Assume your success. Assume your dreams & desires are the outcome you will experience. Assume & take action with certainty, and prepare yourself to receive your abundance. How much greater will this thinking serve you then assuming and preparing for the worst?

If we go back to the post a few days ago on authority, I referenced the fact that many of our great leaders, thinkers & teachers, believe that we create our own reality. What we think about, we bring about. Our thoughts become things. If this is indeed the case, by focusing our thoughts & assumptions on the best outcomes will naturally attract, and in fact bring into reality, these exact desired results. My philosophy: don’t believe a word I say, and don’t believe a word anyone else says. Test everything for yourself. Give it 30 days of shifting your assumptions up to the heavens and see for yourself what results you experience.


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