Fear Factor

(Originally posted 10.13.10)

In my opinion, the worst 4-letter word in our vocabulary is fear. Although in some occasions, fear can serve to keep us safe, generally speaking, fear keeps the majority of the population too safe for their own good—or for the good of the world as a whole. Fear stops so many of us in our tracks and over time, fear can keep us from ever achieving our goals, or simply dreaming in the first place. Fear catches our attention & causes a psychological & physiological reaction in our body, that many of us interrupt as unpleasant, so we try to avoid the sensation as much as possible…breeding only more of the thing we are working to avoid.

The solution?  If running, hiding from & avoiding fear only bring more fear, I propose we redefine & meet fear head-on. Let’s start with a new definition. In getting to the roots, I found a new definition that I am embracing: “to try, risk, come over, go through.” Wow!! I feel like I’ve accomplished something positive just by reading that new definition! Fear now seems like a natural step in over coming & getting through anything placed in my path. Since it’s the only way to get what I want, I say bring it on!

I embraced a new approach to fear & adopted a philosophy for dealing with it at the start of this year, and the practice has paid off big time. My approach: Feel the fear, and do it anyway. A great mentor in my life pointed out that fear is just the anticipation of pain. If we knew we were guaranteed a positive outcome, we would cease to experience fear. Since we cannot foresee the future result of a new endeavor, I propose that when the sensation of fear arises, you use it as a signal that the best outcome is about to appear. Apply the new definition, over come & go through, and excitedly dive head first into the experience. Test this new approach for yourself & you will find you are more capable, powerful, and amazing then you ever knew possible.

*resource used Dictionary.com

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