Waking Up to Wealth

Here I am, a year after I first consciously began redefining my world and I’m still striving—now more than ever—to see the world in a way that makes my heart sing. As I’ve revisited my redefined words, I realized that it was equally important to address some seemingly positive words that often evoke some not so desired thoughts, memories and emotions. How are we to incorporate and maximize the potential power in these positive words if they do not inspire us?

I’m beginning with something I believe many of us strive for, and few of us seem to obtain: Wealth. Wealth can stir up a mixture of desire and excitement. Desire is an indication of lacking, which is how wealth also brings about feelings of disappointment and failure…the exact opposite of what I would prefer! So I am washing myself clean of the non-serving and unleashing the potential serving power of my new definition.

In looking into the roots of wealth, I found two words that shifted/expanded my perspective on the word: “happiness” and “well-being.” Wealth often refers to one’s income, savings and investments, or worldly possessions. Often, any reference to an unseen possession is not classified in the wealth category unless we are trying to cheer someone up. This new perspective makes this “cheer up” method all the more valid.

Happiness and well-being are not gained from anything outside of ourselves. Neither are solely dependant on your paycheck, bank account, stock portfolio, real estate investments, or anything else in the material world. This type of wealth is a matter of mindset—something we are fully equipped and perfectly designed to maintain full control over. Happiness and well-being are a choice and we have the power to choose them in every moment. With this awareness, I can now own the word wealth with more conviction, knowing that I’ve already obtained a great deal of wealth in my life. With this mindset, attracting more wealth into my life will be an automatic effect of me simply being me, and that is something that definitely makes my heart sing!

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