Embracing Agitation

(Originally posted 10.18.10)

In today’s society, agitation seems to be at an all time high. Between work stress, road rage, health care costs and a downtrodden economy, you could probably ask just about anyone what they are agitated about & get a list of culprits before you even bat an eye. In fact, you’re probably running down a list of things that agitate you right now!   The reasons, causes of & solutions to these agitations can be discussed & debated all day, however, like the law of attraction states, this usually just brings about more agitation…especially when discussed between opposing sides. Even reading the word “agitate” makes me squirm as if trying to brush something off that I don’t want on me.

Interestingly enough, when I got to the roots of the word agitate, I discovered a powerful, serving definition: “to put in constant motion; to move, drive.” This sounds very positive, like an experience I would like to have, so this got me thinking. I have adopted a belief system that the world around me is a reflection of what I need to learn in order to live into my true potential. Much like what I’m focusing on with this blog, redefining the world around me, I redefine undesirable situations & behaviors around me so that they serve me, verses allowing them to bring me down. With this philosophy, I use my emotions to indicate when a lesson is present. When undesirable situations arise, I definitely would describe the emotion I experience as agitation. Therefore, I truly experience the root definition I just uncovered. By using agitation as a tool to learn, grow & shift my perspective, agitation is for sure moving & driving me, keep me in constant motion toward my full potential.

Nature teaches us the same lesson (and usually always does if we take notice). Just look at beautiful pearls. Pearls are valued for their beauty & if we look at the process of how they are made, it all starts with a tiny grain of sand that gets trapped inside an oyster. This grain, though tiny to us, is extremely agitating to the oyster. The oyster doesn’t seek therapy, pain relieving drugs, commit suicide or homicide or any other negative acts. The oyster accepts the conditions it was given, and embraces the process. The oyster endures the agitation & as a result, develops a stunning treasure. If you adopted this same perspective with the agitations you come across in your day-to-day existence, what beautiful pearls could you produce?

I challenge you to start noticing what agitates  you. You may want to sit down and right a list of your top agitations or just take note the next time you feel something agitate you in the moment. Ask yourself: “what can I learn from this situation?” Could you learn how one person’s actions can affect others, and therefore commit to greater awareness over your own actions & their effect over others? Could you learn the heartache of being mislead & commit to never misleading others—or deeper still, never misleading yourself? Could you learn that others may not have been given the  positive examples, love & support that you have been blessed to experience, and commit to paying that forward to others daily? Could you see someone else’s lack of compassion toward another, and commit to having more compassion for others, yourself & also the offender? Look back at past agitations you have endured. Have you already made some beautiful pearls of your own? I know that I have.

The bottom line is this: By nature, we are designed to experience agitation. It is a vehicle in moving us forward. It is up to us how we deal with it. I’m choosing to embrace the process & allow what agitates me to drive me toward something beautiful. Don’t allow your misinterpretation of this feeling hold you back any longer.

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