Put Your Phone Down…Unless You’re Taking a Selfie

Put Your Phone Down…Unless You’re Taking a Selfie

A few months back, I found myself wondering if our phones have become our new BFF’s. Almost everywhere we go, everyone we know seems to have a consistent relationship with their phones, to the point it’s almost unfathomable what life was like before them (and that wasn’t THAT long ago!). We all know it happens everywhere by everyone because we see and “Like” all the pictures, thoughts and information that shows up in our social media streams. As I sat with the thought, I realized part of what was happening. Phones haven’t become our new besties; they’ve gifted us with the ability to be closer to our true flesh and blood besties. Receiving a selfie of one of my true BFF’s by themselves, with a child, or a loved one, is one of the most beautiful loving experiences I have throughout my day. I receive more than a picture; I receive a small experience of being with them. And I believe my face, and the face of my child and loved ones, have the same glorious effect on them. I also believe the world and everyone in it benefit from that loving energy being created and released in the world. All from a simple selfie.

This experience of the entire person with the mention of their name or a picture or memory of them is what my spiritual guru and Aramaic master, Dale Allen Hoffman, refers to as their “shem.” Shem is also the Aramaic word Jesus spoke of for us to pray in, which has been translated over the years into the English word “name” we commonly see referenced biblically. Along with that, I also learned from Dale that in Aramaic, as in life, everything has its place and its non-place. Strive to be in the present moment; something all those memories documented on our personal feeds, lines, and albums, do not allow for. Give yourself the gift of the moment, along with the gift of being able to share it with others and look back fondly upon it. We cherish those memories and mementos because we love the feelings we experienced at the time. If we are conscious to enjoy the pure bliss, joy and beauty of the present moment, we’ll find we can evoke that very feeling we desire to experience again, right here, right now, at any time, it’s simply a choice. A choice you have the power to make. A choice that requires no more energy to make than the alternative, which if you think about it, truly takes much more energy than being happy and joyous.

Release the temptation to view what your mind told you the experience would or should be like, what happened earlier or last time, what might happen this time or in the future, and focus your attention on what IS happening, right NOW, in this moment. What are you feeling physically in your body? Feel your breath. Feel your heartbeat. Bring your awareness to your body, to yourself, to this present moment and make a conscious choice in how you desire to move forward in a way that supports the experience you desire and are so deserving of living. You are fully equipped. Take full responsibility. You are destined and designed to succeed. Your very existence is the proof of your perfection. Now move forward in that energy and create your experience.

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