The Unspoken Truth…How to heal through chaos

The Unspoken Truth…How to heal through chaos

Plenty of people are making videos right now about what’s physically happening in our world and country, what has happened in our past to get us here, and what experience, imbalances, and injustices occurred along the way.

This is not one of those videos, nor will it overlook the very real validity within each of those other videos, posts, and stories. This is a “Yes. And…” situation, and there’s simply more to the story.

This “more” doesn’t take away from anyone’s story or experience. It doesn’t negate it, or override it. This is simply an invitation for you to consider the “more” as you continue your own shift through our current societal landscape.

I’m here to talk about the energy of it all. What you cannot see when you look out your window or at a screen to see what is happening in the world.

As a society, we’ve been basing and valuing our experience on the physical while not recognizing the nonphysical energy behind it, taking time to understand where it comes from, and learning how to transmute it…which is exactly what got us into this mess.

To get to where I believe we are destined to go as a people, we/you/I MUST start looking at, valuing, balancing, and taking radical responsibility for the energy you/we/I bring to the world.

If you’re ready to dive into this unseen realm with me, then stay connected, as I am here to help guide the way through offering perspective shifts for you to reflect over and try on to see what brings you more peace, fulfillment, alignment, and truth…for yourself and the world as a whole.

By doing this, you step into the power to heal yourself through balancing your energy, which contributes to the balance of the world, because we are all truly in this together and NOT ONE of us has an experience that isn’t felt by all of us…which is precisely why (if you still needed a reason!!) black lives matter…ALL black lives, not just those highlighted in the headlines due to injustices, but also those we lose through the battle that’s in the name of peace and equality…if it harms one of us humans, it harms all of us humans…skin color is just the physical observation of the energy embodied and displayed in human form. We have to stop the battle and start using more effective communication.

So, if you want to take this conversation to the next level, join me over on Patreon and support me in supporting others with this message of healing. I’ve already started sharing with my Patrons insights around the 5 energy themes for 2020, and in my next video for that community I’ll speak to how right now is asking for the next level of integrity from you, what that looks like, and how you can step into it with ease and confidence.

For today, I want to leave you with this thought. The next conversation you engage in that goes awry, the next post you see that appears to not align with what you believe, stop and consider setting aside your story, your rightness, your truth and open yourself up to fully receiving, listening to, and get curious about understanding why and how they believe and feel what they feel. Set your story aside, with the knowing that by opening up to their perspective, it will NOT DISVALIDATE your own, or mean that yours doesn’t matter.

This is why many push against the black lives matter movement…not because they feel black lives DO NOT matter…it’s because in our society we have not evolved our communication to understand this is a “Yes. And…” situation. When someone reads that a group matters that they are excluded from, they feel they are also excluding from mattering…and that’s simply NOT THE FULL STORY.

Move beyond the physical and your find the nonphysical experience you are truly craving. Stop fighting. Starting listening. And start expanding your story. Join me over on Patreon and I’ll help guide you. Either way, consider and reflect over this share and if you find value in the message, share it with others and let’s engage in a bigger story, a fuller truth, so we can all find the peace, equality, and balance we deserve and desire. Thanks for watching…xxoo, Crissy

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