The Power of Celebrating Small Wins

The Power of Celebrating Small Wins

This week I broke 10K views on my YouTube channel *insert high-five* 

Now, this is total views, and anyone who knows what it takes to unlock the option of monetizing your YouTube channel already knows that you need to hit those kinda view counts every couple of months.

So why am I excited even though it’s the total count? 

Because it means that this week I was able to see the view count read “10,000”+ for the first time…which means I will be far more likely to see it again…and again…and again…more and more quickly each time 🤩

You see/experience/manifest that which is obvious to you, so allowing physical evidence of what is possible to sink in so it can anchor more deeply than all the times you saw the lack of evidence is key in flipping around your limited life experience to one that is more expansive.

Recognizing and celebrating each step of the journey makes for an amazing journey no matter how far along the path you are or how far yet you feel you have to go.

I mean, you’re gonna do the traveling down the path anyway…so why wait til the end – or even until later – to celebrate?

What have you been putting off or skipping over recognizing for yourself?

What little thing wasn’t “enough” to celebrate/recognize before you saw it from this perspective and you can high-five yourself on right now??

Comment below and I’ll celebrate with you!!!

And if you want to show my channel a little love, check it out, subscribe and share check it out here: …drop your links where I can support you, too!!!   

PS–HUGE THANK YOU to each of you that contributed to this total view count  I’m so grateful that this celebration includes you because YOU are the real reason I am excited and the true motivation behind each of my videos…it is my highest honor to serve and support you, anything else is just bonus  🙏


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