Bucket List Item: CHECKED!

Bucket List Item: CHECKED!

Moments like this are why I started my business nearly 13 years ago…I am forever grateful I saw this future as a possibility and built choice after choice to create it as my current day reality.

The vision was simple in concept…

 Create a full-time income
 In part-time hours
 So I can be the primary caretaker of my family
 {which included days like today where I would be able to do cool stuff like volunteer in the classroom, attend school parties, assemblies & field trips, and go have lunch with my kid at school, all without having to ask for permission…this may not matter to everyone, but it does to me 👈}
 While making a positive impact in the lives of others
 And contributing financially to my household
 So we can live our lives together
 And not be limited in our choices & options of what we experience in this life together…

…see…simple 😆

Although our society is still lacking examples of women who have made this happen, I was fortunate enough to work for a lady entrepreneur that inspired the idea by showing me it was possible…and once I saw it as an option, I never stopped pursuing it.

I didn’t know how, I didn’t know if I would succeed, all I knew is that I had to try.

Luckily, my 1st mentor taught me to be unapologetic for having a family & showed me how to
build a business around my family, not in spite them 🔥🔥🔥🔥 {that’s SO hot, IMO 😍}

With these 2 examples engraved in my mind, I have failed my way forward to this moment, today, and along the way learning the ONE thing EVERY successful person has in common.

It’s not background, race, resources or affluence…

It’s not upbringing, education, talent or luck…

It is persistence, never giving up, & staying committed to your future vision no matter your current reality 💪🤩💖

You’ll want to quit. I wanted to quit. Somedays I still want to quit. But I don’t. I haven’t. And I won’t 🙌 #cantstopwontstop 🙌

Nope, it’s not always easy…but moments like this are always worth it 😍😍😍

Keep going…the world needs more YOU in it and you are the only one equipped for the job 💗😎💗 #bringit #nowisthetime#holisticretoration

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