Mastery + Freedom {Hero’s Journey Session 5 – 11.21.19}

Mastery + Freedom {Hero’s Journey Session 5 – 11.21.19}

This month we are excited to wrap up our exploration of your “Hero’s Journey!” Each of us are somewhere along our own Hero’s Journey, and the more awareness/consciousness we bring to it, along with commitment and, most importantly, LOVE, the more meaningful and magical it becomes, AND, the more beneficially effective we become in our own lives, as well as in the lives of others, indeed, the entire Universe.

Join us for this replay as we continue our discussion on The Hero’s Journey, focusing this month on “Mastery + Freedom,” the ultimate integration of your hero’s journey. Together we’ll redefine the cause/effect/reward perspective of this part of our journeys so ordeals become growth points/refinements/evolutions instead of obstacles and struggles…and to embrace the REAL reward and staying aligned with that.

And more!

Join us, Crissy and Joy, as we go deep, get wide and climb high!

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