Are good vibes stopping your best life?

Are good vibes stopping your best life?

Life is real, and full of ALL the vibes…

Denying the not-so-feel-good ones will stop you from living your best life NOW.

There’s an illusion that your best life doesn’t come with the up’s and down’s…but it does.

Don’t miss your best life NOW because you’re looking for some kind of continual high-vibe, positive state of being from yourself and others.

High vibes are great, but honest vibes are powerful agents of alchemy that when coupled with compassion have the power to transcend and evolve even the most challenging situations.

Knowing how to face and allow yourself to transcend and evolve when facing challenging people and situations makes all the diff.

For today, this day of gratitude and thanks here in the U.S. of A…embrace the feel good and focus on the gratitude….knowing that the other vibes are necessary too.

I have some specials I’ll be sharing over the next few days, my gifts of gratitude, with the intention to support you through this evolution of you throughout 2020, so stay on watch for those to start rolling out tomorrow!

For today, receive this message of gratitude that I have on my heart for you…

I am grateful for your commitment to growing through all the challenges life throws your way.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share words and a perspective of life that creates more ease and flow in your life.

I am grateful to have you in my life to share this crazy journey with…I literally could not and would not being any of this without you…so thanks for tuning in, thanks for your kind words of encouragement, support and feedback that the messages I bring are on-point and impactful in your life.

Thank you for showing up.

Thank you for receiving me.

I wish for you the greatest of holiday seasons and may you soak up all the blessings that have come your way and are on their way to you and your family…I love you, I see you, I honor you…xxoo, Crissy


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