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ABC’s for DIY Business Growth Workshop

Growing a business is challenging.

Especially when…

  • It’s just you keeping everything going
  • There’s a limited budget to outsource the areas of your business outside your expertise
  • Past investments failed to bring the return you’d hoped

Growing pains are inevitable in every business journey, but did you know that behind all business growth is a repeatable framework and structure that creates the conditions for growth to occur?

You can easily invest hundreds and thousands of dollars into outsourcing your business growth, but if you don’t know what conditions are needed how will you know your investments will bring a viable return?

When you are the only person in your business, committed to your business success, it is vital that:

  • Every investment you make in your business counts
  • Every step you take is in the direction you desire to go
  • Every action best represents your intentions and integrity

You do not have the energy to waste spinning your wheels, the time to waste guessing which way to move forward, or the money to keep throwing things at the wall and hoping something finally sticks.

When you learn a simple, repeatable system for leveraged growth for your business, you gain the confidence and peace of mind, along with an investment that will pay you back for as long as you are in business!

Luckily for you, not only is this system repeatable and results driven, you can also implement it yourself without having to invest in more training, advertising, or outsourcing to start seeing real results!

You’ve waited long enough…get results NOW!

Learn the ABC’s for {DIY} Business Growth online!

By integrating these Aligned Business Concepts into your business, you will…

  • A – Attract Ideal Clients…learn the formula that lets you stop chasing and start attracting clients!
  • B – Build Value…discover how to represent the maximum value of your offerings so both you and your clients are excited to work together!
  • C – Consistent Income Generation…walk away with greater business confidence, knowing the secret to consistent action that gets results!

The perfect addition to set yourself up for success in business growth in 2020!

Learn the essentials needed in every business owner’s tool kit for consistent, reliable growth!

Discover the secrets to consistent client and income attraction!

Walk away with a repeatable plan to start and grow your business PLUS the confidence to take the action needed!!

BONUS Mindfulness + Meditation tips for each topic covered in the workshop!

Stop working on your business and start aligning with it!

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Awakened Leadership Series {Available Online!}

Life’s been calling. Are you ready to answer? If you’ve been craving to make a bigger impact in the lives of others, live into a greater purpose, or take your personal & spiritual growth to the next dimension, NOW is the time to awaken the leader within you.

The Awakened Leader series at Victory Power Yoga is your chance to:

  • Take bold responsibility for the cycles that keep you stuck
  • Avoid common mistakes of growth-minded individuals
  • Become a more authentic and effective leader for your business, students, and clients

This series is based on the 8 Limbs of Yoga and Crissy Rollins’s proven holistic leadership programs. We will learn and study these ancient tools of yogic wisdom through a modern lens so you can awaken your most empowered leader from within!

Led by Crissy Keye Rollins and Victoria Privette. Crissy is an entrepreneur’s and positive mindset coach for leaders of many types and the founder of Holistic Restoration. Victoria is a 500hr certified yoga instructor, certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor and owner of Victory Power Yoga.

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN, join at anytime and gain lifetime access to all sessions ONLY $247!

Empathic Healer Course

Have you been told that you are an Empath, but you’re not fully sure what that means about you or what to do with this awareness?

Do you feel called to explore healing and energy work to use for yourself or to help others?

Do you easily take on the emotions, mood, and vibe of those around you?

Do you find it challenging to witness someone in physical or emotional discomfort without it effecting you?

The Empathic Healer Course is the ideal course for you to open the doors on a deeper understanding of your natural gifts, healing abilities, and curiosities about the energetic realm!

Together through this series we will explore:

  • The Empowered Empath – Discover a fuller story about yourself as an Empath! Understand how being empathic affects you and others. Learn how to allow your sensitivity fortify you and how to leverage the power of passivity!


  • Untangle and Clear Your Energy Field – Learn powerful protocols to clear and balance your thoughts, emotions, and energy field so you can more easily flow with others and life around you. Raise your vibe as you step into a higher radical level of integrity and self-empowerment.


  • Energy Reading 101 – Gain an insightful look at understanding of the major chakras and energy centers of the body, the role they play in your everyday life experience, as well as how to balance and clear your energy. Walk away from this series being able to read and transmute your energy and the energy you experience from others.


  • Unwrap Your Natural Gifts – You were born with built-it abilities to help you interpret and navigate the world around you. In this session you will explore the different aspects of psychic and intuitive gifts, dreams, and symbols, how to awaken, tap into, and develop your natural gifts.


  • Multiply Your Power – This session will show you how to take your natural gifts to the next level through the enhancement of various modalities. You will gain a basic introduction and understanding of common healing modalities and aids including:
    • Astrology
    • Gemstones & Crystals
    • Moon Phases / Season Cycles / Solstices / Equinox
    • Oracle Cards
    • Rune Casting
    • Plants / Herbs / Essential Oils
    • Energy Work / Reiki / Distant Healing
    • Pendulums
    • Muscle Testing


  • Your Sacred Work – This empowering series will conclude with a discussion around the power of healing out loud, and understanding your role as a healer. Whether you complete this series to work on and balance yourself, or to help bring balance and healing to others, this session will give you permission to take your healing energy back into your home, work, and life so that no matter where the journey leads you, you will be doing sacred work in this world!

At the end of this series, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to empower your journey forward. The Empathic Healer Course will give you everything you need to begin a powerful personal healing practice, and a solid knowing on if you’d like to explore other modalities further.

Other Details & Logistics:

  • This course will include 6 virtual meeting sessions available for replay with Lifetime access
  • Join from the comfort of your home
  • Each meeting will consist of training and Q+A time
  • Private Facebook group for support & connection with other like-minded participants
  • Receive Certificate of Completion at end of course
  • BONUS! 6-weeks Membership Group Access for added support & integration of course concepts
  • BONUS! Group Deep Dive Laser Coaching Support Session for further integrations
  • BONUS! Unlimited Virtual Support throughout the course for personalize integration
  • More details to follow!!!

If you’d like to find out more about this series to ensure it is the right course for you, contact Crissy directly at AskCrissy@gmail.com.

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Holistic Healing Circle

Face it, if finding your balance was solely based on setting goals, following diets and using planners, you’d already be rocking it.

The top reasons you struggle to break out of the cycles that keep you stuck + repeating non-serving patterns despite your commitment to personal + spiritual growth is due to…

  • A lack of understanding of the growth process in order to fully integrate growth concepts
  • Not operating off the full story which impedes the result process
  • Relationships with other’s not committed to the path of growth continue to trigger you

When you are not aware of these tripping points, you get stuck in a holding pattern + repeat the same cycles of frustration and suffering you’ve experienced in your past.

Ultimately, you end up seeing small advances toward your desired life experience, but not the change you know and believe is possible for you.

These struggles cause imbalances in the 3 core ares of your life…

  • Your body’s physical and emotional well-being

  • Your relationships with others + the world around you

  • Your ability to receive the physical results you desire

When your balance is thrown off in any of these three core areas, life becomes uncomfortable, internal pressures mount, and you can easily feel like the you are the problem.

However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth…so keep reading!

How to tell if you need balance in these 3 core areas…

What do Body imbalances look like?

  • Fluctuations in weight, you struggle to reach and maintain a settled weight
  • Not participating in life to the degree you desire due to physical appearance or limitations
  • Physical or Emotional discomfort, frustrations, and lack of control

What do Relationship imbalances look like?

  • Experiencing toxic or negative people in your day-to-day life
  • Your mood and choices are affected by the mood and choices of others
  • You struggle to feel understood or supported by family members or your significant other

What do Receiving imbalances look like?

  • Difficult to attract consistent or desired income or stay financially empowered
  • Feel you are the only one putting forth effort or giving
  • Feel under recognized or unsupported by others
  • Find that you carry more than your load of physical and emotional responsibility

By understanding the growth process and integrating a fuller story into your life, you begin to create a balance between your giving with receiving, which is the key to unlocking the your next level of growth.

Through this holistic approach, you are able to continue your personal and spiritual growth in a way that allows others to take quantum leaps in their own growth…no matter their level of consciousness or commitment to personal growth!

1-Year Immersive Experience to Integrate + Activate
Your Natural Balance + Flow.

Evolve the relationship you have with your body, with others, and with receiving.

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