Empathic Healer Course

Have you been told that you are an Empath, but you’re not fully sure what that means about you or what to do with this awareness?

Do you feel called to explore healing and energy work to use for yourself or to help others?

Do you easily take on the emotions, mood, and vibe of those around you?

Do you find it challenging to witness someone in physical or emotional discomfort without it affecting you?

The Empathic Healer Course is the ideal course for you to open the doors on a deeper understanding of your natural gifts, healing abilities, and curiosities about the energetic realm!

Together through this series we will explore:

  • The Empowered Empath – Discover a fuller story about yourself as an Empath! Understand how being empathic affects you and others. Learn how to allow your sensitivity to fortify you and how to leverage the power of passivity!


  • Untangle and Clear Your Energy Field – Learn powerful protocols to clear and balance your thoughts, emotions, and energy field so you can more easily flow with others and life around you. Raise your vibe as you step into a higher radical level of integrity and self-empowerment.


  • Energy Reading 101 – Gain an insightful look at understanding the major chakras and energy centers of the body, the role they play in your everyday life experience, as well as how to balance and clear your energy. Walk away from this series being able to read and transmute your energy and the energy you experience from others.


  • Unwrap Your Natural Gifts – You were born with built-in abilities to help you interpret and navigate the world around you. In this session you will explore the different aspects of psychic and intuitive gifts, dreams, and symbols.  How to awaken, tap into, and develop your natural gifts.


  • Multiply Your Power – This session will show you how to take your natural gifts to the next level through the enhancement of various modalities. You will gain a basic introduction and understanding of common healing modalities and aids including:
    • Astrology
    • Gemstones & Crystals
    • Moon Phases / Season Cycles / Solstices / Equinox
    • Oracle Cards
    • Rune Casting
    • Plants / Herbs / Essential Oils
    • Energy Work / Reiki / Distant Healing
    • Pendulums
    • Muscle Testing


  • Your Sacred Work – This empowering series will conclude with a discussion around the power of healing out loud and understanding your role as a healer. Whether you complete this series to work on and balance yourself, or to help bring balance and healing to others, this session will give you permission to take your healing energy back into your home, work, and life so that no matter where the journey leads you, you will be doing sacred work in this world!

At the end of this series, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to empower your journey forward. The Empathic Healer Course will give you everything you need to begin a powerful personal healing practice, and a solid knowing on if you’d like to explore other modalities further.

Other Details & Logistics:

  • This course will include 6 virtual meeting sessions available for replay with Lifetime access
  • Join from the comfort of your home
  • Each meeting will consist of training and Q+A time
  • Private Facebook group for support & connection with other like-minded participants
  • Receive Certificate of Completion at end of course
  • BONUS! 6-weeks Membership Group Access for added support & integration of course concepts
  • BONUS! Group Deep Dive Laser Coaching Support session for further integrations
  • BONUS! Unlimited Virtual Support throughout the course for personalized integration
  • More details to follow!!!

If you’d like to find out more about this series to ensure it is the right course for you, contact Crissy directly at AskCrissy@gmail.com.

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