Getting What You Want: 4 Simple Steps to Get Out of a Place Called Stuck

Getting What You Want: 4 Simple Steps to Get Out of a Place Called Stuck

So life isn’t turning out like you thought it would. Perhaps it was even going really well for a while until something changed: an accident occurred, you had a shift in your relationship, finances, the economy, whatever…stuff happened and now you are stuck.


Where do you go from here?


First you’ve got to start with your mindset. Shift your thinking from how everything is going wrong, to how everything is conspiring to ensure you succeed. Begin to view everything and everyone in your path as a step closer to what you want…but wait—what do you want? It’s time to create your vision!


If you do not have an immediate answer to this question—and even if you do I want to challenge you to dig deeper and get even more clarity around what you want—this is where you begin.


Ask yourself this question: If I could snap my fingers and have my life (or an aspect of my life, i.e.: relationship, business, family, etc…) look exactly how I want it, what would it look like? Take the limits of possibility and probability out of the equation and allow yourself to dream and create your best-case scenario. Let go of how it will happen and just envision your desired result. If you do not know what it would look like, such as I would be a teacher, a writer, an architect, instead create the vision of what it would look like beyond the label.


For example: I would wake up every day excited to get out of bed and ready to make a difference in the world! I would be overflowing with inspiration of how I can support people of a certain community, age group, financial status, etc…


Get into the feeling of the experience and allow the details to take care of themselves. Let’s face it, does it really matter if you are teaching, writing, taking care of children or the elderly, or landscaping someone’s lawn as long as you were happy and living a fulfilling life? If what you are doing makes your heart sing and creates a reality in which you get to spend the rest of your life feeling as if you never work, whatever your work is no longer matters.


Now that you are clear about what you want, it’s time to start allowing this situation to come to you. How do you do this? Simple. So simple, you don’t even have to know how to create it. All you have to know is how to talk. Life is sending you everything and everyone required for achieving your goals. All you have to do is let people know what you want and ask them for help. Not just help in the form of them giving you what you need, but also help in connecting you with people they know who may be able to help you get what you need. Stop judging the people around you as who can help you and who cannot. You will never know until you ask. Others want to help you; they’re just waiting to be asked.


When you passionately share your vision with others, detached from the outcome—because let’s face it: life rarely turns out the way and in the manner we think it will before taking on a new endeavor—and you have the courage to ask them for assistance: i.e.: Do you know how I can do this, how I can get started, or anyone that may know? You will begin to allow life to connect you with all the people and resources necessary for achieving your desired goal.


The HOW is none of our business. Life takes care of the how. All we have to do is have faith that it’s coming and the courage to ask for what we want. Simple. Just show up and life will take care of the rest. Remember, how can others help you if they don’t even know what you want? It’s not possible. You hold all the power; now allow your abundance to flow into your life.


Oh, one last thing to really propel your results: Life is giving to you in proportion to that which you are giving to others. As you go about sharing your vision with others, take the time to find out what their vision is. Ask them what they want and how you can support them. Find out whom you know that you can connect them with. And if nothing else, offer to believe in their vision—and ask them to believe in yours.


By giving your belief, you will receive theirs and exponentially increase the likeliness of you both getting what you want in life. (Click here to read The Power of Belief from my 9.19.12 post.)


If your goal has an income attached to it, do not wait for paid opportunities to start offering your services. Find groups, clubs and organizations that can benefit from what you have to offer and give of your services. This is a win-win-win situation: They receive the gift of your offering; You have one more outlet to give, therefore increasing what will be given to you in return—even if it is not an exact monetary exchange for services; and You get the gift of living the essence, the experience of your vision NOW.


Try this out for 30 days and watch how instantly and amazingly your life begins to shift! Just follow these 4 simple steps and get ready to receive:


  1. Shift your mindset. Ask yourself: What if life is conspiring for me to succeed?
  2. Create your vision. Ask yourself: What would my ideal day look and feel like?
  3. Ask for what you want…tell everyone! Ask everyone: Do you know anyone who may help me?
  4. Contribute to everyone along the way. Ask everyone: What’s a vision I can hold for you?




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