A New Perspective in Achieving Goals

A New Perspective in Achieving Goals

A friend of mine shared a video with me the other day of a man sharing his story of going from being a successful player in the financial world to a heart-following adventurer.

His transformation was sparked by witnessing his father pass away with many of his life-long dreams unaccomplished because he was too busy making a living to ever get around to making a life. Like this man’s father, I believe this is a far too common story in today’s society.

Perhaps you even know someone, maybe even your own father, who left this world with dreams unexplored and unfulfilled, and I hope that by the time you finish reading this post, you, like the man in the video, will learn from the loss of another the importance of living your life while you are still here on earth.


My favorite part of this man’s story is what he shared about his adventures in mountain climbing—something I’ve never done and know little about.

He shared that during his adventures climbing to the top of the world’s highest mountains, he spent 3-4 weeks on the mountain itself, and only about two minutes at the summit. Now if life was only about the two minutes at the top, the other 3-4 weeks would be meaningless, and that is not something that strikes truth for me, nor did it for this gentleman.

Of course following your heart and fulfilling your goals is great for the experience you think it will be before you partake in the journey and the sense of accomplishment that comes with a task completed, however the real gifts are revealed during the journey, not at its completion.


This man reminded me of something easily forgotten in our hustle-bustle get-it-done society. Often we become so focused on our goals and the fact they are not yet reached that we forget to even notice and acknowledge all the gifts given and waiting to be discovered along the way.

Your commitment, your determination, your flexibility, adaptability and growth along the journey IS the gift of the goal, not just the two minutes at the top.

Notice how when you reach the top, you see other peaks you want to summit that you may not have known existed or didn’t believe you were capable of reaching until you made it to the top of the mountain you are currently on. If you keep your focus on the future (what you want) and the past (what hasn’t occurred yet for you), you miss the magic of the present moment and the opportunity to create it into whatever experience you are hoping awaits you at the finish line.

You hold the power to have that same awesome feeling of accomplishment each step of the journey and when you focus on the here and now, creating the experience you desire in each moment, does it really matter if you ever reach your destination?

That’s the magic of now. Don’t let it pass you by.


Five Things to Ask Yourself as You Climb Toward Your Summit Without Missing the True Reward:

1 – What experience do I expect this accomplishment to create in my life?

2 – How can I create that same sensation where I am now?

3 – What have I accomplished, learned, and how have I grown so far on my journey?

4 – What do I think this accomplishment will prove about me?

5 – What proof do I already have in my life that I already AM what I’m trying to prove?


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2 thoughts on “A New Perspective in Achieving Goals

  1. “Your commitment, your determination, your flexibility, adaptability and growth along the journey IS the gift of the goal, not just the two minutes at the top.”

    I am finding this to be SOOOOO true! And, the amazing bonus is that these spread to other areas of our lives without effort! Thank you for posting, Crissy! Keep up the great journalism…you are a wonderful source of TRUTH !

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