Breathe Easy, Momma! – How to create more time for what matters most to you

Breathe Easy, Momma! – How to create more time for what matters most to you

297645_10150463934574532_336146213_nWhen explaining life coaching to others, I commonly say that I pick you up from your current situation, set you down outside of it, and then assist you in looking back into the same situation from a new perspective. A new perspective allows you to discover new resources, new resources lead to different choices, and different choices lead to different results…which is why you say “YES!” to coaching to begin with—to start getting different results in life. The intention of today’s post is to do for you exactly that. By the time you finish reading this post, you will have a new resource you can utilize anytime, anywhere, in any situation, under any circumstances, with anyone, and even with yourself, and regardless of any demographic you can think of…other than being human.

Consciously utilizing this resource allows challenging tasks to be completed with more ease, reduces the feeling of overwhelm, is literally the difference between excitement and fear, and with it, you can even transform how you experience the passing of time. The best part? You are already doing it! (This is another gift of life coaching—discovering what you are already doing right…which is often case A LOT of things…so that you can do what’s already serving you more consciously.) In fact, you’ve been doing it the whole time you’ve been reading this, and you will do it several times again before I reveal what it is. This resource is so abundant and accessed so easily that it is often, if not nearly always, over-looked, under-utilized, and absolutely taken for granted in our day-to-day lives. If you haven’t caught on yet, the resource I’m talking about is your breath.

joy rising flipUpon arrival into this world, your breath welcomed you. As a mom, you breathed your sweet babe out of your body and into this world. You can even share your breath with others to allow them to keep breathing. Breath is powerful and necessary, and it accompanies you at every moment throughout your life. To me, it only makes sense that it is, and is evidence of, the abundant gifts and blessings we are surrounded by in this human experience. For years, I’ve been using my breath to anchor myself into the present moment, to return to the truth of life as I know it to be…in other words, return to my faith.

Breath ultimately determines your life experience. The reactions that take place in the body during excitement and fear are identical, with the only difference being whether or not you are breathing. As you go throughout your day facing the expected and unexpected challenges life offers to you in the many roles you play, begin to notice your breath, or lack thereof. Shifting your focus to your breath will shift your mind back to the present moment and re-engage you with your power.

To really tap into your ability to transform any life experience, simply follow  these 6 easy steps any time you feel overwhelmed or lacking in any area of your life, or at any moment it occurs to you:

  1. Ask Yourself: Where is my breath?
  2. Inhale, Exhale, Repeatsimple enough a child can do it. In fact show your kids how to do this, and when your kids can’t do it for themselves—aka: toddler meltdowns—simply breathe for them. This technique works well when dealing with adult tantrums, as well ;)
  3. Ride your breath for as many inhales and exhales as you can. Feel your chest rise and fall; feel your lungs expand and contract as you breathe.
  4. Allow each breath to serve as a reminder that you are supported, capable, and powerful beyond measure.
  5. Receive: Your breath holds the power of your life, and your power of choice. When you consciously connect to your breath you are able to receive its gifts of opportunity, time, and the power of choice to move toward your desires, or stay in struggle, overwhelm, and lack.
  6. Proceed: Move forward with your next step toward that which you desire most, allowing your breath to take the lead and guide your journey.


If you are game to try these steps, gather the results, and decide for yourself if this practice can really transform your life, then you are truly ready to take it to the next level. I invite you to join myself and four of my masterful partners in breath at a day long retreat next month. This immersive experience will guide you through the experiential and the integrational aspects of fully utilizing this ancient form of rebooting, remembering, and receiving, all through the power of breath.  Click here for full retreat details, and remember these 3 Truths:

  1. Breathe Day RetreatWhere there is Breath, there is Power.
  2. Where there is Breath, there is Choice.
  3. Where there is Breath, there is Time.



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