3 Simple Steps to Balancing an Overflowing Plate without Overwhelm

3 Simple Steps to Balancing an Overflowing Plate without Overwhelm

IMG_5676What are you putting on your plate?

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been having lots of conversations with moms who are working to build a business while running a household, and in some cases working a full-time job at the same time. One thing was evidently clear: their plates are overflowing and in need of more support. The title of “Mom” brings a lot to our plates…not to mention that this particular title also comes with a bonus title and responsibilities of “Household Manager.” Add another title of “Wife/Partner,” and there’s another few piles added to your plates. Throw in the titles “Business Owner” and “Employee” and not only do you find more on your plate, you all too often find a not-so-healthy dose of guilt, distraction, struggle and overwhelm, sprinkled across the top…perhaps dripping off the sides of your plate. No wonder there’s often little room—if any—for mom to meet her own needs. In my mission to redefine the working mom, I’m committed to helping mom’s balance what’s on their plate and reveal to you how to lighten your load without additional outside support.

Here are 3 simple ways to lessen the weight of your full to overflowing plate:

  1. Identify what matters most to you. Clarity is the key that unlocks all success in life, so taking time to clearly identify your top priorities and core values is the first step to maintaining a balanced plate.
  2. Align your choices and actions your priorities. Now that your priorities and core values are clearly defined, you no longer carry the burden of not knowing what to say “yes” and “no” to. If it supports your top priority, it’s a YES! If not…embrace your inner Queen Elsa and let it go!
  3. Stop leaking energy. One of the best ways to lighten the load is to rein in your energy through reining in your thoughts. Where your focus goes your energy flows and if you are focusing on the struggle, overwhelm, lack of time, support, or resources, you are expending precious energy that could be applied toward the things on your plate that matter most to you.

IMG_6065When bringing your plate to the buffet of life, keep in mind that it is no different than any other buffet. Just because an option of offered, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to take it on for yourself. Sink your teeth into and fully savor whatever makes your mouth water, and simply pass the rest by. If you choose something you don’t like the taste of, even though it may have looked appealing, set it down, don’t choke it down. Remember to challenge yourself to taste things that appear to be chancy because it could end up being delicious…like this unsuspecting squash casserole I ate recently which despite its unappealing physical appearance was one of the most delicious dishes I had ever tasted.

Your thoughts and ideas are part of the buffet. Action inspires passion –> Passion unleashes inspiration –> Inspiration brings an abundance of ideas. You are not meant to devour every idea or bring each into fruition, and certainly not at the same time or in any specific order. You are meant to taste, and sample, and go back for more of what you like, and leave the rest for others. They probably LOVE olives! If you do, I gift all my olives to you. Bon appetite, and remember that even the best looking stuff will only fit on your plate in divine timing.

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