The True Source of Your Suffering + Decorative Garland Tutorial DIY {Creation Process Revealed}

The True Source of Your Suffering + Decorative Garland Tutorial DIY {Creation Process Revealed}

Hey there, it’s Crissy Keye Rollins here and if you are new to this series, I’ve been sharing weekly insights around the creation process and guiding you step-by step to understanding the mindset and energy that lies behind taking consistent action toward creating whatever you desire in your life. Becoming aware of these insights will help you to overcome challenges and limitations that have been holding you back so you can ditch the excuses and show up in life with confidence and clarity.

If you want early access to these videos, you can join the community I’m building over on Patreon, find out more at, and in today’s video, I’m going to expand on the mental chatter conversation from last video and share with you insights into what the root cause of suffering really is so that you can able to embrace the creative process and make steps toward creating the change you desire with more ease and less frustration. Plus, I’m going to walk you through the creative process of making your own homemade hanging heart garland, very much like this one, so be sure to stick around for that after my quick chat…and let’s get started!

Supplies needed {jump to 10:55-minute mark for tutorial}

– 5-7 hanging ornaments (or however many you want to use…link to heart ornament tutorial:
– 4 ft of yarn (or string of your choice; you may need less or more depending on how many ornaments you plan to hang from your garland)
– 2 beads of choice (optional)
– Scissors
– Ruler (optional)

You can also find these heart ornaments in Holistic Restoration’s Etsy shop at

If you have additional insights to share, around opinions being the source of your suffering…or around making decorative garlands, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below so we can all learn from you as well…and if you make a decorative garland, I want to know about that, too! Thank you for watching and sharing this video with others, be sure to hit subscribe wherever you are viewing this, and turn on the notifications so you can know every time a new video drops.

And if you haven’t already done so, I invite you to check out the community I’m building over on Patreon you can check out at where I’m guiding you throughout the year on how to discover and live more fully into your purpose, how to create a life that’s aligned with your purpose, and how to do it all in a way that is a service to others, so if you are interested in plugging into that conversation and support, hop over to for more details and I’ll see you again next week with another creation process video and tutorial walking you through the creative process…bye!



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