Trading Up Addictions: Five Simple Truths that Will Help You Trade Up Drama for Peace

IMG_0753One of the most serving principles I teach my clients is taking emotional responsibility. Through this process I introduce them to the notion of emotional addiction. It’s a simple principle that reasons with every emotion we experience a chemical release that takes place within us and causes a physical effect in our bodies that we can unknowingly become addicted to. And just like alcoholics who likely do not enjoy the hangover and other negative effects caused by overindulgent binging, we will continue to be a slave to our addictions even when we don’t like the physical sensations that accompany our emotional binge. Just take a moment to think about how you feel when you are in the midst of drama, frustration, aggravation, and worry…Yuck! Definitely not my preferred states of being!

Once I became aware of this possible effect, I started questioning my emotional reactions to see if they were in fact valid, true perspectives or could they be a device of my subconscious mind driving me to make choices that ensure my emotional addiction will get its next fix. As my emotional self-awareness increases, I realize that by getting to the truth in the situation, past my default opinions on what things—such as other people’s choices/actions—mean, I can determine if holding to a particular belief serves me or not, and consciously make choices to lead to what I want and prefer in life. This simple practice has drastically shifted my life into a blissful more peaceful energetic space over the last few years. And let me tell you, I far prefer the physical sensations that accompany the chemical reactions that take place during my chosen responses—states of happiness and peace. So I’m trading up addictions, and I encourage you to do the same.

Want an example of what I’m talking about? Here’s a common one: Ever had someone speak to you in a tone of voice that you received as hostel, rude, unkind or bossy, and it seemed to come out of nowhere, completely unprovoked? Well, instead of trying to change that person or throwing back the same unpleasant energy thrown your way, get to the truth in the situation:

  • The truth is everything is filtered through our own mind’s filters based on your past IMG_0234experiences in life and we rarely see the whole truth of a situation.
  • The truth is everything is perceived exactly how it needs to be perceived by each party involved at any given moment.
  • The truth is what comes out of another person is never personal, and always about them, not you.
  • The truth is it is your responsibility to maintain your peace, not the responsibility of others.
  • The truth is in every moment life is giving you the opportunity to be the change you want to see in the world.

Knowing these truths, you now have more options in how you respond. You are no longer forced to be defensive or return unkindness with more unkindness. You now have the option to respond cool, calm, and compassionately. You now have the option to support someone and respond in the way you prefer to be spoken to. You now have the option to gain more insight into the other person by having a clearing conversation. You now have the option to maintain your peace with a little shift in perspective.

Yup…I’m gonna have to face it, I’m addicted to love! I am a slave to love and no longer drama and dissatisfaction. I would rather be happy then right. My peace matters more than my knowingness and this has allowed me to let go of so many perspectives that were keeping me stuck in dissatisfaction in life. I will do whatever it takes in the moment to get to my peace even if it’s releasing my way of doing things, how I think life and other people should be, what’s right and what’s wrong. Embracing the perfection in each moment and with each interaction with another person regardless of what it looks like allows me to choose at any time my state of being and how I experience of the world around me. This is the path to emotional mastery…aka: world peace. We will only have peace outside of ourselves once we have peace within ourselves.

Oh, and by the way, if you don’t think you are addicted to your emotions, then simply quit responding to life in any way other than that which you prefer to experience. If you are not addicted, then just stop. Challenge yourself and discover what you are truly addicted to. You hold all the power within you. Do not allow the choices of others to decide your peace. Take responsibility for your own emotions and set yourself free!


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