Transform Fear into Confidence 5 Day Challenge!

This challenge is strategically designed to get you out of fear and into unstoppable inspired action!

Are you a business owner (or daydream of becoming one) who is stuck in the HOW and ready to break free of the fear and limiting beliefs holding you back from taking massive inspired action?

Believe me when I say you are not alone! Over the past year I have interviewed, worked with and coached dozens of entrepreneurs. Along the way, I discovered the top 3 things holding conscious business owners like you back from stepping into the life you know is possible for you:


  • Fear of sounding to “sales-y” when you offer your services
  • Fear of what others will think of you
  • Fear of not being enough

#2-Lack of Confidence

  • Not knowing what to say or how to say it when asked about your business or services
  • Looking everywhere around you for the answers
  • Not trusting yourself enough to take actions you know to take

#3-Not Feeling Equipped

  • Don’t have support at home or support of a team in your business
  • Never moving past your comfort zone of getting ready to get ready
  • Spending valuable time, money and energy seeking the answers without applying what you already know

Over time, I was able to crack the code of what keeps us stuck in the HOW verses living in the NOW, and it all comes down to one single factor: CONFIDENCE!!!

Confidence is the deciding factor behind whether or not you take any action in your life. Stop for a moment and really think about it. If you are confident you will succeed or see something through, you do it. Period. End of story. Regardless if you like it or not.

When you find yourself stopping in your tracks, no matter what excuse or justification comes to mind, your inactivity all boils down to confidence.

This is precisely why I’ve created the Transform Fear into Confidence 5-day Challenge to get you anchored into your confidence like never before, fueling you forward into unstoppable inspired action! The action you want to be taking and the action you know to the core of your being will move you closer and closer to living your dreams full out!


I’ll share with you my simple formula which is the key to unlocking your stuck-ness and precisely how Fear is transformed  into Confidence. And this is the formula you will learn to master during the Transform Fear into Confidence 5-Day Challenge! Here’s what we’ll cover in the challenge:

Day 1: Self-Love

The connecting process…

  • Become your own best business partner and tap into limitless support, wisdom, and energy!
  • Remove limiting mental barriers that are blocking you from allowing results!
  • Learn simple techniques that allow you to end self-sabotage instantly!


Day 2: Follow Through

The clearing process…

  • Create the energetic and physical space needed for more of what you desire to come into your life and business!
  • Discover what truly triggers your manifestations to come into full fruition!
  • Leverage the “unseen” behind the “seen” and begin to feel good now!


Day 3: Self-Trust

The creation process…

  • Practice allowing yourself to remove limiting self-beliefs and channel your inner guide!
  • Allow yourself to be supported like you’ve never experienced before!
  • Know clearly who you want to work with and that you will give them exactly what they want most


Day 4: Clarity

The healing process…

  • Expand your limiting subconscious beliefs to where they can align with what you know is truly possible for you!
  • Connect to your inner wisdom and guide yourself to exactly what you need to do to succeed!
  • Learn how to open channels for receiving like you never have before!


Day 5: Confidence

The engagement and the proposal…

  • Weave together the previous 4 days of work and expansion to serve as a solid foundation for your confidence and finally relax!
  • Discover your natural and authentic way to connect with your ideal clients!
  • Trade up having to be a “sales”person for being the expert adviser you truly are and feel great about supporting your clients to saying YES to your offerings!


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