A Monthly Mastermind for Conscious Entrepreneurs ready to:

  • Fully integrate and embody all the wisdom you hold within
  • Allow your gifts to be fully expressed in the world in a way that is empowered, authentic, and makes a powerful impact on the lives of others
  • Release the cycles of procrastination, self-doubt, and fear of not being enough

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Let’s face it.

You and I both know that change—real change, lasting change—happens over time.

From the moment the “a-ha!” hits you, to the moment your new realization becomes your reality, days, weeks, months, or more often years, pass us by.

Have you ever noticed this?

The instantaneous excitement, relief, joy, lightness, fearlessness of inspiration…ahhhhhh…I feel better even typing that :)

You feel on top of the world, unstoppable, fearless, like your life has forever changed!…For like a second…or maybe a day or two. If you’re lucky, all those feels will stick around long enough to carry you all the way to the start.

Inevitably, the excitement and inspiration wanes, and you find yourself procrastinating, getting distracted and reverting back to your pre-realization ways of being, with ultimately nothing changing accept an increased feeling of your inadequacies.

Sound familiar? Thought so.

A-ha moments—or realizations—happen instantly. In a flash you are struck with brilliance. And as quickly as it hits, it is followed immediately by the next stage—integration.

Integration is the period of time that your realization takes to sink deep enough in your subconscious mind to become your new reality and default way of operating and responding to life.

To overcome getting stuck during the integration process, you have to:

  • Connect to yourself

  • Anchor into your value

  • Allow clarity

  • Step into your confidence

  • Take simple, consistent, inspired and authentic action

This is why when I received the divine inspiration to create The Consciouspreneur Mastermind, I had to take immediate action.

This mastermind is strategically designed to support your transition from realization to integration. With a daily, weekly, and monthly focus, you assist the integration of all that you’ve learned over your years of personal growth and development.

This is not another course. This is not designed to dump mounds of information that makes you feel overwhelmed and underequipped.


What are TCM members saying_1


The Consciouspreneur Mastermind is your playground and practice field to live into and apply what you already know, while uncovering and releasing what is subconsciously holding you back, and learning a new paradigm for business that feels amazing to you and your clients.

Once and for all, stop making yourself wrong, and start realizing you are already enough. Allow yourself to receive and revel in a like-minded, high-vibe, supportive community of committed Consciouspreneurs that see you and hold you up to being the total badass that you really are.

Staying connected will:

  • Keep you focused on the fact that you are enough, right now, as is
  • Allow you to link arms with other Consciouspreneurs committed to moving their missions forward
  • Align with the new paradigm for business that allows entrepreneurship to be simple while getting results


If you like what’s been happening here in The Consciouspreneur Club, if you’ve found value in what I bring to the table, just wait til you see what’s happening in The Consciouspreneur Mastermind!

This mastermind is for you if you are ready to:

  • Finally stop procrastinating

  • Anchor deeply into your value

  • Stop judging yourself on how you measure up

  • Understand and learn how to trust/follow your intuition (the real secret behind staying motivated!)

  • Leave behind not measuring up and express your unique awesomeness

To get maximum benefit from anything you’ve got to have some skin in the game. For that reason I set this up to be  a no-brainer for you! To make it even easier to follow your inner-nudging to say YES, as a Founding Member your price is locked in FOREVER! That’s right, when you secure your spot as a founding member in the Consciouspreneur Mastermind, your membership will never increase…AmAzInG!!!


What TCM Members 2


For just $888/year ($88/month in installments) you’ll receive:

Premiere Membership:

  • Monthly Distant Healing, Limited Belief Clearing + Authentic Alignment Sessions to peel back and heal the layers of misguided beliefs, fears, doubts, and decode your unique protocol for healing physically, emotionally, and energetically; to discover and release limited beliefs that are holding you back from  taking action + getting results; and align your beliefs, business, + energy with your future vision

  • Monthly Laser Coaching sessions driven by your most burning questions so you can get the support you want most

  • Monthly Consciouspreneur Master Series Workshops that will give you simple, step-by-step actions and accountability to take you from start to completion in building an unshakeable foundation of clarity, confidence, and flow in your business

  • Private Mastermind Community with exclusive access to trainings typically reserved for my one-on-one clients (Real talk: I’ll be pouring everything I know into this Mastermind, so you’ll be benefiting from my $10K+ investment in high-end business and mindset coaching)

  • Exclusive Members Only bonuses and discounts on all offerings and services


We kicked-off 2017 by redefining the relationship you have with yourself as we begin the journey of healing, releasing, connecting and unleashing your authentic power, while anchoring deeply to your value. We’ll be going an inch wide and a mile deep into every pillar necessary for an unshakeable foundation within yourself, your business, and your life, in a way that’s simple, digestible, and empowering.


Installment Plan Membership Option

**NOTE-This Full Pay option includes ONE payment of $888 following your 1-week trial**

Full Pay Membership Option

Frequently Asked Questions + Important Details

  • What are Distant Healing, Limited Belief Clearing, and Authentic Alignment Sessions, and how will they help me move my business and mission forward?

    These sessions are strategically designed and rotated monthly to keep you consistently and powerfully moving forward!

    Distant Healing Sessions allow you the unique opportunity to connect to your inner self and unlock your personal healing code to balance yourself physically and emotionally. Each session will allow you to clear blocks that are stopping you from taking action, keeping you from receiving, or causing you to repeat non-serving patterns in your life.

    Limited Belief Clearing Sessions will guide you through the process of uncovering the subconscious beliefs holding you back in your life and business! Each session will allow you to remove the next layer of limited thinking, each leading to the next level in your life experience.

    Authentic Alignment Sessions are the perfect complement to follow your clearing of limiting beliefs. Once your limiting beliefs are cleared out the way, you can now authentically align your energy with the actions you take in your business. Come to this session ready to complete a self-audit of your current business structure, offerings, and approach, and be guided on how to align your business and energy with your future vision to ensure you are always on track and maximizing your journey!

    Sessions will be offered via LIVE video stream and due to the nature of these sessions, there will be no reply available for these sessions.

  • How will I access the trainings and content?

    The group community and content will be available in a Private Members-Only FB group. For those of you not overly plugged into FB, I encourage you to check the group regularly throughout each week to benefit from the group aspect of this experience. I will also provide regular email correspondence for members that opt into a members-only email list. Members also have access to a members-only password protected webpage loaded with bonus content and trainings!

  • What is the structure of the monthly Laser Coaching and Consciouspreneur Master Series Workshops?

    Laser Coaching sessions are based on your most burning questions to ensure that the content you receive from the Mastermind is relevant to your personal journey. Replay videos will be posted in the FB group and will remain available for a minimum of 30 days, if not permanently accessible to members.

    Consciouspreneur Master Series Workshops will run the second full week of each month for 3-6 days. Each day of the Master Series Workshop week, a video will be posted in the FB group with the day’s focus delivered in a simple, digestible, easy to take action way. Each Master Series will walk you step-by-step from start to completion a necessary aspect of your unique business.

  • What is the benefit of paying yearly verses monthly?

    When you chose the yearly pay option you don’t just save money ($84 savings!), you also feel the confidence and peace of mind knowing your membership has already been taken care of for the entire year. You can immediately begin to relax knowing that you have a full year of monthly accountability, inspiration, healing, and community to keep your business growing with ease throughout 2017 and beyond.

  • Why not wait until the official launch to join?

    True, I will be officially opening this opportunity to the general public in spring 2017. However, by joining The Consciouspreneur Mastermind now, you gain instant access to massive content, support and accountability, at a rate not guaranteed at the official launch.

  • What if I want 1:1 support?

    There are 2 ways you can work with me 1:1 in 2017: (Option 1) Uplevel your Mastermind experience to the All Access Membership level and receive all content offered with Premiere Membership PLUS a 1:1 Distant Healing Session and 1:1 personal integration coaching session with me for only $4444 or $444/month. This is the only way you can work with me at this price for an entire year. I only have 10 spaces available for this experience. (Option 2) Stop Waiting, Start Receiving 1:1 3-month coaching program starting at $4444.


Your investment:


Installment Plan Membership Option

**NOTE-This Full Pay option includes ONE payment of $888 following your 1-week trial**

Full Pay Membership Option