Self-Love Power Shift: Day 4–Complimenting Others [Holistic Restoration’s Archives 2017]

[Aug 2017] In today’s training I share how to expand the power of compliments that you tapped into yesterday and take it to a whole new level!
Originally recorded and released in 2016 for a private group, revamped for public sale in 2017 with the inclusion of support guides to accompany the videos, and then finally retired in 2023, this series has become only accessible by private coaching clients. Now, this powerful series is being pulled from the Holistic Restoration Archives for public release with the intention of empowering individuals around the world to tap into the power found only through cultivating the next level of self-love.

Gain access to action guides and other support materials for this series {and SO MUCH MORE!!!} at and visit to learn more about working with Crissy. Thanks for watching and for your support!

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