Seeing Beyond Distractions and Deceptions {Energy Update 7.3.20}

Seeing Beyond Distractions and Deceptions {Energy Update 7.3.20}

Y’all it is full-blown Cancer season, on a Full Moon, while several planets are in retrograde…oh and the lunar eclipse, cannot forget that!

While that is happening in the cosmos, the stage is set here on earth with a perfect recipe for crazy-making, and if you are alive on this planet right now, there is NO DOUBT you are feeling some feels…maybe even all of them on rapid repeat…and I’m here to say:

You are not alone!

Also, it’s not personal, and in this video I’ll share some insights to help you see beyond the distractions and deceptions so you can stay focused and steady and we make it through this last push birthing forth a new world together.

Join me, and after hop over to the Conscious Success Community at for a more in-depth reveal. If you can relate or add more insights to what I share, be sure to comment below and pass this video along to someone else who needs to know it’s not just them going through all this…check it out!

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