Oracle Reveal: Card #3 – Visions




Message: Psychic images, clairvoyance, seeing, out of body travel

The Mermaids Sing: Mermaids do much of their work, their spirit work, by moonlight. Under moonlight we can see so much more of what is taking place within each other’s energetic space, and the layers of our energetic field. We can see where there are leaks, and where there is energy compounding and compacting, almost like a growth over a wound to protect it. We can see what needs to be carefully and slowly removed and worked with, because under the blue light of the moon, intensities, drainage areas, torn aspects of the energy field become clear and obvious. We often have visions of places far, far away, and we are able to extend our energy and to send it travelling to places we could not reach, not even in the swiftest currents, not even in a gulfstream, for weeks of your time. But in moments we can be by your side, wherever you are in the world, because we can travel energetically. We must return to the source, to the ocean, and we physically do not move from this space…how can you too become more able to travel, to see, to be an energetic voyager who yet has a solid home in their form?

Divination: When you connect to the moon, you will feel more whole, connected and attuned to the cycles of the world, and the fears you may have had around certain issues will fade. You will allow yourself to see with your psychic vision, and you will speak of what you see, and it will not be considered to be freakish and unusual, or mere fantasy, it will be trusted and allowed and explored, by you and by others who you are close to. These flashes will not come when you are asleep, so they are not dreams, and they can come even when your physical eyes are open…it is a matter of adjusting to having more than one kind of vision, and accepting that this is an energetic truth. You will begin to understand and easily interpret these movies being made for you by the divine in alliance with your spirit eye.

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Oracle Reading FAQ’s:

Q: What’s the difference between group readings like this one, and a private session?

A: Great question! For each reading I offer, be it group or private, I connect to the energy of the person or group who is receiving the reading. So, the main difference in a private session is that the energy brought to the cards is solely centered around you and the guidance you specifically desire to receive. While with a group spread of 3 cards, one may speak to you the strongest, in a private session all 3 cards will speak to your specific journey. Another great bonus of private sessions is that you get my added insights and gifts of helping to integrate the cards messages into your everyday life. Private sessions are powerful, insightful, and often full of the validation, confirmation, or direction the receivers heart desires.


Q: What exactly are Oracle cards? Are they the same as Tarot cards? Do they have religious ties?

A: Neither Oracle cards nor Tarot cards have any religious association. The main difference between Oracle and Tarot cards are their structure. Tarot decks have a particular structure that all decks follow, although their may be a different number of cards to different decks. Oracle cards, on the other hand, can be anything and there are no rules to follow in creating the decks. Oracle decks can have any number of cards,  and various themes, such as the popular Angel Oracle cards. Both Oracle and Tarot cards have merit, and using either typically comes down to personal preference.


Q: Are Oracle Cards a way to predict or alter your future?

A: Nope. Oracle cards are simply a beautiful and fun invitation for deep self-reflection and to heighten your intuition. Any action or non-action your reading inspires is solely based on how your own intuition leads you to receive and incorporate the messages that come through during your session.


Q: What deck are you using for these reading and why?

A: The deck I used for this experience and for private sessions is “Oracle of the Mermaids” by Lucy Cavendish. Why mermaids, you ask? In my commitment to helping you facilitate your own self-healing and empowerment, I believe the key to unlock your unique healing protocol lies within your emotions, thoughts, and memories. Here’s how the mermaids assist with this mission:

The Healing Powers of Merfolk…Mermaids are beings who show us how to love ourselves. Put most simply, this is because they love themselves without guilt, fear, or hesitation. They teach us how we can celebrate our sensuality. They revere the feminine, and they glory in our fertility, our desires, our beauty and our instinctuality. They ask us to sing our song again.

Mermaids teach us how to connect deeply with our emotionality—a trait typically spoken of as feminine, and often regarded as a weakness. With the help of the mermaids, we are able to feel deeply, without the negative impact of conditioned shame…[O]n these cards you will find messages and lessons from these beings of the great oceans and waterways—who teach us how to connect with the healing power of our emotions, our psyche, and how to quench the great thirst so many of us have for true love.

[Mermaids] help understand how deeply we yearn to love, how loving is natural, and that we can learn how to express and experience love healthfully and in accord with our own destiny, nature, and Truth. Mermaids are marvels of endurance and independence, and they inspire us to practice our spirituality…They embody a graceful acceptance of flow and balance—to embrace the highs, the lows, and the spaces in between. And mermaids, their moods, even their rages and tempers, their boundless capacity for kindness and love, and freedom, show us how to live fully once again…like the wild things we are, like the shining beings we can be once again…

The mermaid can lead us sometimes down into the deepness of awareness—and while this is often a place where we have kept truths hidden from ourselves, it is worth visiting that underwater cave full of bones and remains of who we once were and what we once did, in order to understand our own selves, in order to learn, to not repeat, and to recover the goodness that lies within those events and circumstances. –Excerpt from “The Oracle of the Mermaids Guidebook,” by Lucy Cavendish

Q: How do I book a private session or find out more about your Oracle readings in general?

A: Simple! You can call or text me at 919.696.4878 -or- send an email to me at: