Never Diet Again—Letting the Easy In (part 3)

Never Diet Again—Letting the Easy In (part 3)

102 Statue-Airlie GardensI remember shortly after I began to dive into the personal development realm, I was introduced to the concept that people who have mastered the law of attraction and manifesting no longer found the need to diet. Instead, they maintain a level of health consciousness. I didn’t really understand what this meant, so my brain—likely in an attempt to self-sabotage and maintain a reflection of reality that proved a misguided belief system that I’ll never be enough—took it in a literal way that I could think myself thin while eating anything and everything I wanted. Needless to say, I’m sure you can imagine how that worked out…I ended up with a cavity and a few extra pounds on the scale. Years later, after staying the course of finding my peace and balance in life, I was blessed to discover the true meaning of health consciousness and it is equally as liberating as the thought of never dieting again—because that’s exactly what it isand if it’s not obvious to you already, I’m here to share my perspective.

As many of you likely remember, in September of 2009, I took on a 24-week challenge to transform my physical and emotional body offered by Isagenix every year. With the sweet motivation of a $10,000 grand prize (which is NOTHING compared to what they offer now…including $200 in free products for simply completing the challenge! Click here to learn more), I ventured into the world of finding balance in my body; something I failed to maintain for as long as I can remember. Around twenty-four weeks, forty-nine pounds, and sixty-twoSig Pic and a quarter inches later, I was well on my way to creating a balanced physical life. I left the competition with something money can’t buy. For the first time in recollection, I was finally comfortable in my own skin. From there, I continue the journey today, maintaining habits that honor myself, my family, everyone involved, and has allowed a new level of ease in my life. (Check out my Accepting the Challenge blog post to learn more about my challenge experience.)

Take a moment to picture never reading nutritional labels, counting calories, proteins, fats, or carbs ever again. How much ease did that thought alone create in your life, let alone its application? Add to that the releasing of all the self-loathing involved in not eating perfectly and giving into temptation, while still enjoying your favorite treats (For a fresh perspective on “treats”, read my post: 5 Questions to Re-Evaluate Your Self-Rewards). Feeling lighter already? These are just the highlights of living a life of health consciousness.

For myself, my journey to health consciousness looked like the folowing…

  • I developed the awareness and serving habits of health consciousness by making choices that I could live with long-term, not just for a few days, weeks or months.
  • I realized the gift my body is by divine design which fueled my inspiration to follow the blueprint my creator made and committed to eating closer to the earth.
  • I gave myself a “free day,” allowing myself one day of eating whatever I wanted in exchange for six days of following a serving Isaterian lifestyle, consisting of a primarily whole foods, vegetarian diet with the occasional seafood, and Isagenix products.(Side note: Whole foods are great on many levels. Beyond their superior nutritional content compared to processed, packaged and pre-prepared foods, there’s no nutritional label to mess with! I hear many people voice concerns over the amount of calories, sugars and fats found naturally in many earth-given foods, however this is of no concern to me as the body was designed to consume these foods and knows exactly how to handle them in almost every case.)
  • As my journey continues, I maintain my balance by choosing every day to consume more serving, quality food choices than not. I’m not interested in perfection, only balance and longevity.
  • Bottom line: Living health consciously means loving your body and treating it was the gift it is by being aware of the choices we make in what we put into and do with our bodies.

Fittingly enough I took on this endeavor to be a better example to my future children and not pass along my uncomfortable skin. Now four years post-challenge, I have been gifted with an angel with unrivaled perfection. I hold the vision of my daughter living a life always seeing herself as nothing short of awesome and amazing, and absolute divine perfection. To always feel comfortable in her own skin and not have to endure the years of second guessing her value and her worth. She inspires and refreshes my commitment to myself, which is a simultaneous commitment to her, which makes the choices I make all the more easy and rewarding. Being an example to her by living a health conscious lifestyle is the least I can do for her, for myself, and also for you.


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