Multiple Streams of Income – How and Why – Business Hacks/Success Tips {Entrepreneurship Revealed}

Multiple Streams of Income – How and Why – Business Hacks/Success Tips {Entrepreneurship Revealed}

Hey there, it’s Crissy Keye Rollins here, and if you’re new to this series, I’ve been sharing weekly bitesize videos focused on simplifying the business journey so that if you have been wanting to start a business or side business, you can ditch the excuses and make it happen. Last video I shared 3 ways to start a business for $1 or less, and I’ll be sure to drop a link to that video in the description so you can check it out after viewing this. I mentioned in that video that I would share the “do’s and don’ts” of each of those 3 ways, but before I get into those videos, I wanted to share with you in today’s video about the power of multiple streams of income and why it’s a good idea even if you never start your own business…so let’s get started!

Link to 3 ways to start a business for $1 or less video:

Ok, so while the last video just gave a basic overview of three paths you can take that have zero or very little out of pocket upfront expense to you, be sure to keep following along with this series because I plan to make a video going a bit more in-depth sharing the do’s and don’t’s for using each of these resources, so go ahead and hit subscribe wherever you are viewing this and turn on the notification button so you’ll know every time a new video drops. And if you want early access to these videos then I invite you to hop over to the community I’m building over on Patreon () and find the level of support that is right for you. Also, if you find value in what I’m sharing in this video be sure to give it a thumbs up, your support really helps this channel so much and I appreciate you watching and sharing this video with others.

I was introduced to the concept of having multiple streams of income early into starting my business 15 years ago and have been extremely grateful I embraced the idea just two years into building my business. Opening more than one avenue for getting paid has helped my business and my household make ends meet over the years. It helped me transition from a solely in-person business, to having aspects of my business that can be conducted virtually, which I’m sure you can imagine was super helpful throughout, but especially when 2020 came around. Thanks to my multiple streams of income, I’ve been able to keep my business up and running and bringing in income even when I had to close down the in-person aspects indefinitely in 2020. It also allowed me to continue to create and build more income through exploring the gifts and talents I wasn’t bringing to my business, and expand my reach and passion for helping others heal and balance their lives.

There are several ways to open additional streams of income, and I’ll share with you the ones I’ve explored and benefited from.

I want to know if these suggestions have been helpful for you or if you’ve had any experiences with them yourself. I’d love to know which get you the most excited or which ones you’ve found to be most beneficial for you already. While they all have their pros and cons, each one of these avenues have been super helpful for me in getting my message and offerings out to the world, each have helped me build a following and community, and each have helped keep my business doors open, each has helped put food on my family’s dinner table and keep a roof over our heads. They have also given me a focus on how and where to show up and invest my time and energy, and I look forward to sharing more about each of the platforms I mentioned in upcoming videos. Share in the comments below any questions or experiences you’ve had utilizing multiple streams of income…and if there’s anything you’d love to hear me speak on about any of these in future videos, let me know that, too!

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