Mindset Challenge + Healing Crystal Elixir Tutorial DIY {Creation Process Revealed} self-talk

Mindset Challenge + Healing Crystal Elixir Tutorial DIY {Creation Process Revealed} self-talk

Hey there, it’s Crissy Keye Rollins here and if you are new to this series, I’ve been sharing weekly insights around the creation process and guiding you step-by step to understanding the mindset and energy that lies behind taking consistent action toward creating whatever you desire in your life. Becoming aware of these insights will help you to overcome challenges and limitations that have been holding you back so you can ditch the excuses and show up in life with confidence and clarity.

If you want early access to these videos, you can join the community I’m building over on Patreon at bit.ly/holisticsupport, find out more at the link below, and in today’s video, I’m going to expand on the mental chatter conversation from last video and share with you a powerful step in clearing the energetic space needed to allow the change you desire to come to fruition. Plus, I’m going to walk you through the creative process of making your own homemade healing crystal elixir, so be sure to stick around for that after my quick chat…and let’s get started!

Supplies needed {jump to 4:55-minute mark for tutorial}

– Glass jar or container with lid
– Elixir-safe healing crystal or gemstone (raw or polished; I prefer raw)
– Moon water, or water of your choice

Clear Quartz {clear/opaque} – known as the “master healer” stone, amplifies energy, enhances clairvoyance, brings clarity, eases discomforts of all kinds, success attraction, energizes and activates full chakra system, amplifies energy of other gemstones it touches, strengthens alignment with higher self, aids in concentration and unlocks memory

Rose Quartz {light pink} – love, calming, compassion, empathy, opens heart to giving/receiving all types of love, raises self-esteem, restores confidence, balances emotions, dissolves fears, worries, grief and resentments, promotes self-love, attracts love

Amethyst crystal {purple} – general healing, stabilizing, peace, calm, balance, courage and inner strength, protective, decision-making, moving forward in life, wards off inner “drunkenness” therefore known as the “sobriety” stone, helps with addictions of any kind, relax mind and promote patience and acceptance; 3rd eye/6th chakra balancing

Citrine crystal {yellow} – boosts confidence and self-certainty, helps envisioning and manifestation, strengthens will, promotes clarity, creativity and imagination, symbolizes warmth, optimism, purges toxins, protective, brings energy and joy, promotes happiness and abundance; balances solar plexus/3rd chakra

Smoky Quartz – Neutralizes negative vibrations, detoxifying on all levels, promotes elimination + protects against radiation + electromagnetic smog. Disperses fear, lifts depression + negativity. Brings emotional calmness, relieving stress + anxiety. Helps to overcome negative emotions such as stress, fear, jealousy, anger + depression. Mood lifting. Helps achieve goals. Root Chakra – Grounding/Detox/Relief

Obsidian – grounding stone that supports the base/root chakra, protects you from negative energy, is known to offer relief of arthritis and cramps, dissolves emotional blocks, it’s known as a stone without limitations, and vitalizes the soul’s purpose, great for body/mind/soul balancing and inner reflection, aids in intuition and spiritual growth, helps with isolation and loneliness, and is also a stone of purity, aids in clarity and support during times of adversity and change

If you have additional insights to share, around giving up blaming/justifying/and complaining…or around making crystal elixirs, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below so we can all learn from you as well…and if you made a crystal elixir, I want to know about that, too!

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