Mannuz Rune Meaning (Elder Futhark Runes) – Ancient Runes Revealed – Female Rune Symbol Meaning

Mannuz Rune Meaning (Elder Futhark Runes) – Ancient Runes Revealed – Female Rune Symbol Meaning

In this video, I share the meaning behind the following rune: Mannuz (Female) – mah-nawz – humanity and mankind, interconnectedness, social order, the self, intelligence, collective potential, common experience, family, community; the symbol of mankind where each one is interconnected with everyone around even if it isn’t clearly visible; one person is powerful enough to affect whole mankind and has a role in the development of common experiences; each is affected by the actions and energies of others around; no matter the relationship or identity label what matters is your own energy and the collective potential each of us can enhance or degrade. The Self is strong and powerful, but isn’t alone in the world. A separate experience while connected to the whole which influences our personal choices and outcomes. Social bonds and relationships are directly affected by your own attitude and the energy you share with others. Harm none, including yourself, love and support those around you, but don’t forget about yourself, for harmonious relationships to be your reality. Expect help that will support reaching your goals…may come as new information or awareness or through cooperation and partnership. What you give to others comes back to you. Address the whole, while addressing the one. Use to manifest devotion, collaboration and tolerance. Governs holistic healing and approach to life.

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Runes are said to be an ancient script and the first systems of writing, developed and used by the Norse and other Germanic peoples, between 500 B.C. and 200 A.D. The runes functioned as letters, but they were much more than just letters in the sense in which we today understand the term. Each rune was an ideographic or pictographic symbol of some cosmological principle or power, and to write a rune was to invoke and direct the force for which it stood.

They have long been known for bringing the energies of nature into form through their shapes, and typically follow a 24-shape “alphabet” series, most popular being the Futhark. They are said to be connected to your higher self and innate wisdom, making them a great tool to further connect with and hone your intuition.

To Use: Runes can be used by pulling one single rune, or several at a time from the pouch, most often 3, 5 or 9. I often pull 3 runes and see what insights they offer up upon reflection. Some people will dump that all out at once and read the ones that are face up. Really, they are for you to play with and enjoy and develop a greater sense of self trust. If you find one you would like to focus on, you can draw the symbol on a piece of paper or anywhere you feel called to and keep it as a visual reminder throughout your day or focus time. Some people feel called to get a permanent or henna tattoo of the rune symbol to draw more of its energy toward them…really the choices are endless so have fun!


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