Energy: What’s Behind the Issue in Your Tissue

Energy: What’s Behind the Issue in Your Tissue

audrey pierEverything is energy, made up of particles and atoms vibrating at certain speeds to create the physical manifestations that we witness in life, like the kitchen table, for example. Some of the energy moves at a frequency that exceeds the limitations of our human senses appearing to not even exist until we are able to tune into them, such as radio, television and the internet, which display the physical results in their respective ways. The same is true for our emotions, a seemingly unseen frequency that comes from within our human bodies. Emotions flow, animating our bodies, and leading our actions and experiences in life. Some are light, lifting us up on top of the world; and others are heavy, densely weighing us down.  When held onto and not allowed to continue to flow through our bodies, our emotions, like anything else not allowed to flow, become stuck, slowing down the vibration, which display in a much denser form. Most often: the physical manifestation of tense, tight, sore and achy muscles.

As a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist for the past seven years, my main approach to assisting others in releasing these physical manifestations was by dealing with the physical manifestation itself. My well-trained and gifted hands have navigated countless tension-filled muscles, skillfully manipulating the muscle tissue, silently suggesting (this is how I’ve become known as the Muscle Whisperer) to the fibers to relax, release, and restore harmony in this beautiful orchestra of flesh that creates our bodies of divine perfection; the physical expression of the specific vibration of molecules that make you uniquely you. Far more often than not, this approach proves session after session, that it is amazingly effective and beneficial.

As awesome as it is, massage alone has its limitations. Though the very act of massage allows wonderful healing energy to flow through my hands and into the bodies of my clients–which is very likely strongly influencing the effectiveness of my intention to release the body of stored tension, toxins and tight muscle fibers, thus allowing the flow of blood, and the flushing out of the unneeded and bringing in fresh nutrients and oxygen, creating an environment perfect for healing to establish. Or simply put, massage allows your energy to re-establish flow, by addressing the physical manifestation of the stuck, blocked energy.

So why not take it one step further?

Our physical body reflects the energetic vibration that creates its form. Every aspect of our vibration has a physical representation for it, and since we’ve already established that everything is energy, this also includes our emotions and beliefs. Like all energy and the blood in our bodies, when restricted and slowed down, they take on a denser form, and therefore earringcreate an in-balance in the body that demonstrates itself physically in those aforementioned tense, tight, sore and achy muscles. Just like how exercise allows for improved circulation of blood allowing for better overall health, we too must allow our emotions to flow in order to improve the circulation of our energy, giving us the physical results and benefits of restoring overall health and balance. In fact, the divine perfection of the body’s physical design even gives us a map to where to look in the emotional and believe departments within. The imbalance in energy within this emotional area will display in specific physical areas.

How cool is that??

Perhaps this is what they call the seven year itch, because lately I’ve been receiving a calling to enhance the experience and results that my clients receive in their sessions. Although I know I have developed my technique and intuition over the past seven years, in a sense I’ve been offering the same massage experience. It was through my desire to offer a holistic approach that brings 360-degree balance to our lives, and my relationships with my clients, that led me to coaching clients and teaching others how to live a more peaceful emotional and overall life experience. Now, I’ve been led to bridge the gap between my coaching; assisting your emotional energy to flow, and my massage; assisting your physical energy to flow, I am able to offer my clients the authentic meaning of my practice name: Holistic Restoration.

What does bridging the gap between coaching and massage look like?

I’m incorporating everything I’ve learned about the body and the energy that creates it, animates it, and heals it by offering Body/Mind Healing sessions. In these 90-minute to two-hour sessions, my clients will receive the physical benefits of my healing therapeutic massage work, as usual, though with a twist. Not only will I be listening to what the muscles tell me as far as where to focus my skilled hands and what physical techniques to apply, I will also be listening to what areas are affected and relaying the information back to my client on what physical issues in that particular area of the body could emotionally be attached to. Together we will explore what possible non-serving beliefs and stuck emotions could be the culprit behind the issue in the muscle tissue. This is where my intuitive coaching skills will aid in the healing by offering a shift in perspective, facilitating the opportunity to release the stored emotions and adopt a more serving believe, therefore balancing the energy of the area, and ultimately resulting in a release of the physical issue.

Again, how cool is that?!!

coast san juanI am more committed and inspired than ever before to offer you the healing experience you are so deserving of receiving. Your support and belief in me and my offerings is a gift that is immeasurable. For more information on Holistic Restoration and my services, be sure to check out the rest of my website. If you have any questions I may assist with, always feel free to contact me, as it is my highest honor to serve you.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my posting & I’ll be posting great new information, tips & tools regularly. If you have a recipe you’d like for me to try out & review, topics you’d like to hear about, or any other comments, feedback, or suggestions, kindly send me a message to and I will address the matter in a future blog posting. Be sure to subscribe to my Blog & YouTube Channel, visit my website regularly, and follow me on Facebook & Twitter, to stay plugged in to all of my offerings. As always, I wish you infinite love, blessings, peace, and joy as we take this journey together. I am blessed & honored to share my path with you.


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