Do you have a favorite podcast?

Do you have a favorite podcast?

Podcasts have become an everyday part of life for so many.

The power of connecting to others through stories and sharing direct, firsthand experiences has always been a part of society.

Lately, I’ve found an even greater appreciation for someone sharing their real life accounts. I find myself tuning toward truth over fiction nearly exclusively these days, that’s how soul-fulfilling I find connecting with and learning from other like-minded individuals.

Over the past several years, I’ve shared various aspects of my life, journey, philosophies, and practices with quite a number of podcast and online radio hosts. I’m always looking for new shows to listen to, along with opportunities to guest on podcasts, so be sure to COMMENT BELOW and tell me your favorites to check out!

Here’s a few I’ve had the honor of being a guest on over the past couple of years:

Plant a Good Seed with Tish Oakley of Earth Monkey Energies:

Funk from the Front Seat with Zack Roberson of the Universal Funk Soliders: Join me this Sat. May 15th at 12pm EST at

Zero, a spiritual podcast with the LA-based comedian Sam Tripoli, a regular at the Comedy Store and host of multiple popular podcasts:

Brave Healer with Laura DiFranco:

Abundance Hack with Niajae Wallace:

If You Could See Me with Erin Mahone:

People of JoCo with Pam Kuras:

And as always, kindly keep me posted on how I may better serve, uplift and inspire you on your journey ahead…it’s an honor to travel through life with you!

Sending love always,

Crissy xxoo!!

PS – On the 5th Tuesdays of 2021 in the Holistic Healing Circle (find out more and join us: I am the one giving the interviews as I share a series of Conscious Conversations with other healers, light-workers, and individuals committed to living life more consciously aligned. Check out this first session and share your feedback on if you’d like to see me have more of these conversations and I’ll consider bringing them more often and sharing them outside of the healing circle, too :)


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