How to Own a Business (Part 2 of 2)- Get To-Do Lists Done – Success Tips {Entrepreneurship Revealed}

How to Own a Business (Part 2 of 2)- Get To-Do Lists Done – Success Tips {Entrepreneurship Revealed}

Business ownership (part 2) owning your actions…how to get to-do lists done…

Hey there, it’s Crissy Keye Rollins here, and if you’re new to this series, I’ve been sharing weekly bitesize videos focused on simplifying the business journey so that if you have been wanting to start a business or side business, you can ditch the excuses and make it happen. In today’s video I’m sharing with you the 2nd aspect of business ownership that is never discussed in business trainings or networking meetings, and this aspect holds the secret to getting your to-do lists done, so if you struggle with unfinished to-do lists and you’re ready to let that struggle go, you’ll love today’s video!…Now let’s get started!

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Ok, so last video I invited you to expand your perspective of business ownership beyond owning the physical aspects of your business and into owning your emotions as your journey along the entrepreneurial path. If you missed the first part of this 2-part conversation, be sure to go check that out after watching this…it should pop up at the end of this video and I’ll also be sure to drop a link here for you:

Now that you’re aware of the power of owning your emotional state, you can begin to shift your focus over to owning another crucial part of business success…owning your actions. And because I always love to maximize what I bring to you, this level of ownership isn’t just about owning the actions you take, it’s also about owning the actions you DON’T take.

Success is found not just in the actions that you take…it that was the case, everyone would get the same results doing the same actions. It’s also how you do something that matters, what energy do you put behind your actions, AND it’s also what you don’t do…for example, when you take full ownership over your emotions like we discussed in the last video, you don’t let your emotions lead your decision making. Also, when you don’t need to do something, but you spend your time worrying that you should, you waster your energy and your time that could be aligned with taking the acitons you are taking, which is actually the only thing you do need to do!

Taking ownership of what I was doing and not doing allowed a new level of truth in my life and gave me the opportunity to get real with myself and align my words and thoughts with my actions, and I invite you to experiment with the same. Begin to notice what you are doing and consider letting go of what you are not. You are safe to do this because once you let it go, if you were TRULY meant to do it, it will come back around. I cannot tell you how many of my undone things I find myself naturally doing in this more aligned state of being. Once again, before I knew it I was accomplishing more in less time with less effort and finding more results.

I want to know if this is hitting home for you, and I invite you to begin to watch your emotions throughout your work days and see where you are really investing your energy. Share in the comments below if this has been a struggle for you and what works for you to reign yourself back in and what helps you move your business forward. Next week I’ll share with you the second unspoken aspect of business ownership and I hope you catch that video, too!

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