3 Essentials for Living Life on Purpose – What it Really Takes to Create a Purpose-Based Life

3 Essentials for Living Life on Purpose – What it Really Takes to Create a Purpose-Based Life

Happy New Year, my beloveds! My focus this year is to help you understand and live into living life on purpose…how to stop going through the motions and start feeling fulfilled...especially if you are committed and desire to be more consistent and calm on a day-to-day basis. If that resonates with you or someone you know, kindly keep me in mind, and I wish you massive success :)

If you ARE tired of going through the motions, NOW is the time to show up and commit to being an active, cooperative, co-creative partner in your life. 2020 was here to shake you up, and 2021 was for you to find your footing. Many people have found themselves experiencing a big transition during this time, and in 2022 it is time to move forward without excuses. I feel one of the best ways to do this is by understanding deeply what your purpose is, what it is not, and how to live more aligned with it.

In this video, I’m sharing with you 3 Essentials for Living Life on Purpose, so you’ll know exactly what it takes and can begin the journey to living more fully expressed, fulfilled, calm, and assured day in and day out through this year and beyond. If you are interested in knowing what it takes to live life on purpose, gain a deeper understanding of what purpose is and what it is not, and to be guided through the process of shifting your life to align with your purpose, check out the Holistic Healing Circle community I’ve been creating over on Patreon at


3 Essentials for Living Life on Purpose…

1 – Commitment…this is your life…you are the main character in your play of life…to have the life experience you desire, you have to be committed to creating your life consciously and intentionally

2 – Consistency…your current life experience is a result of what you’ve done consistently each day…to create a new life experience, you have to be as consistent with new habits as you were with your old habits that have gotten you this far

3—Support…this is a crucial step and anyone with a supportive (or non supportive!) partner knows the power (or energy drain!) that having support (or the lack of it) creates in your life

Receiving is a conscious choice, and growth doesn’t happen overnight…it happens inevitably. You didn’t get here overnight, and you won’t wake up tomorrow changed either. That’s why I created a holistic healing circle community to support and guide you through the process which will continue throughout your lifetime. In this healing circle, you will find the level of support right for you, with no excuses not to move forward.

Throughout 2022, I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned over the past 15 years creating my purpose-based life, including how I healed my relationship with money, balanced my body (releasing over 50 extra pounds I’d carried from childhood on), and brought more harmony, balance, and connection to my household. Everything kicks off this Friday Jan. 7th at 9am!

The holistic healing circle walks you step by step through how to receive the support, time, and resources/energy needed for you to bring your gifts to the world in a balanced way you can leverage for future growth…You’ll learn everything needed to balance and grow the life experience you desire. Now…it’s time…go to (or simply search for Holistic Restoration at Patreon.com) and find the right level of support for you. Stay as you find it supportive…leave as you feel complete or it no longer aligns. And no matter what, know that your presence matters and that you are making a powerful difference in this world simply by being you.

Thank you so much for watching, sharing, and commenting on this video…I appreciate all of your support, so find me and subscribe to my channel whether you watch through YouTube, Bitchute, or Brighteon, your engaging with my channel helps tremendously in getting these videos to others seeking more alignment in their lives. I’ll be bringing bite-sized videos every week offering mindfulness tips and other simple solutions for living life more wholly and completely…I look forward to our journey together and I’ll see you again soon!

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